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Chicago Fire “Leaving The Station” 

Chicago Fire “Leaving The Station”
Chicago Fire - Leaving the Station
Photo Credit:NBC

In the last episode, “Two Families”, we had some fantastic character development for a character that normally doesn’t get a good deal of airtime, Otis (Yuri Sardarov).  In last night’s episode, we continue with the character development, but this time with paramedics Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Leslie Shay (Lauren German).  Severide (Taylor Kinney) also continues his slide down the slippery slope of prescription drug abuse with his getting closer and closer to being exposed.

Since the beginning of the series, we’ve all seen Dawson as somewhat of a pistol.  If she sees something wrong, she stands up for what she believes at all cost, and in many ways, I see a lot of myself in her.   But, now, it’s starting to get her into some serious trouble.  She’s already had two other past incidents of bad behavior – one of accidentally puncturing a patient’s heart with a needle and the other of kicking a patient’s friend out of the ambulance when trying to revive him.  Last night, the issue was with a little girl.  They are called to the girl’s home, where she is unresponsive, with the girl’s mother claiming she has had 2 past seizures, and so, on the surface, it sounds innocently like epilepsy or something similar.  But, our passionate Dawson won’t leave it alone, and after some investigation, suspects the mother is intentionally poisoning her own daughter, with turpentine of all things.  She reports the incident to DCPS, which gets her an ass-chewing not only by the mother but by Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker).  As we saw in the previews, Chief Boden tells her this is her last chance:

                     “The next time won’t be a suspension, it will be a good-bye party”

 Dawson is somewhat redeemed in the end when it is revealed that she was right, but I still don’t think it got her completely off the hook.  I get her passion, I really do, but something tells me that she’s going to end up being suspended or put on leave by the season’s end.  Being passionate is a fantastic thing, but you have to have some boundaries.

Then, we have Leslie Shay and her crazy relationship with her former girlfriend, Clarice.   What a mess.  Clarice dumps Shay, for a guy no less, but now wants back into her life, even with being pregnant with her husband’s child.  The last episode ends with Shay letting Clarice into her apartment, after a half-ass pleading that she wants Leslie back and that she doesn’t love her husband.  I don’t know about the rest of the viewers but I was screaming, “Dumbass, don’t do it! She’ll break your heart again!” Fortunately, this week, Shay does come to her senses and sends Clarice packing.  Good for you, Leslie.  You deserve so much better.

The one character I’m slowly becoming more and more disappointed with is Severide.  He’s seriously injured, needs to take a leave of absence for treatment, but instead, continues to pull a Michael Jackson and becoming more and more addicted to painkillers, jeopardizing not only his career but the people he is trying to save.  I had the utmost respect for the character at the beginning of the series, especially with his performance in “Mon Amour” – and I still do to some extent – but it’s slowly fading.  The good news is he’s on the verge of being caught.  Chief Boden is no schmuck, and finally notices there’s something not right about his arm.   Severide lies his ass off saying he jammed his shoulder up lifting weights, but one more incident, and Boden will be ordering an X-ray.  This should all tell us how this is going to end this season.  Severide is going to get caught, and no telling what will happen for his abusing the drugs to cover up his injury.  Oh, and Severide banging every girl in sight is not scoring big points in my book either.  Shay’s former girlfriend shows up at their apartment looking for lost earrings, and Severide just can’t contain himself and they end up in bed without thinking twice.  We’ve heard rumors that Sarah Shahi (Fairly Legal) has been cast as Severide’s potential love interest for later in the season, and so, hopefully, this stud will finally learn to keep it in his pants.

But, the real focus in last night’s episode was on Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett).  God, you gotta love this guy! He’s young, green, and truly has a heart.  Two people are hit by a train, with one surviving and the other being ripped to pieces.  Seeing someone’s body parts scattered across a train platform isn’t something that you can easily forget, and Mills totally loses it.  At this point, he begins to question whether being a firefighter is the right career choice for him, which makes his mother jump for joy because she certainly doesn’t want her son following his father’s footsteps.  But, fortunately, Lieutenant Casey (Jesse Spencer) steps up to help with probably the best scene of the entire episode.

The episode ends with the two visiting the family of a girl that Casey had saved in a fire a few years prior.  The girl is a teenager now, is a budding athlete, and just an all-round happy kid.  But, she also has very noticeable burn scars on one of her arms and neck.  This disturbs Mills, and it is evident on his face.  But, then, the girl says without any hesitation:

                  “Lieutenant Casey pulled me out of that fire.  I’m alive”

That’s what the job is all about, and that is the lesson Mills learned.  You can’t concentrate on the ones you can’t save – you remember the ones you do save and whose lives you changed forever.

I don’t see this as being as strong of an episode as the last one (come on, folks, what could possibly beat the Otis speech at the end of the last episode!), but it still was a low “A”, high “B” episode that ended with a very good message.

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