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Nashville Thoughts: Short Dresses, Sexy Producers and Diva Attitudes 

Photo Credit: Chris Hollo/ABC

Nashville | Okay Ladies, Let’s All Be Friends

I was looking forward to last week’s Nashville, because of the duet between Rayna and Juliette (could those dresses be any shorter?). ABC did a bang up job promoting that part of the show and I sat in front of the television, note pad in hand (to take notes for the blog) and then the hour was up.


Not a whole lot happened in “Lovesick Blues”, but I loved it and with the winter finale coming up tonight, I started wondering what the cliff-hanger will be. Well here’s my episode wrap up.

Rayna – I love that Rayne is sticking to her guns about her new producer.  He’s fun, he’s dark, her music is amazing (to this non-country music fan), and he’s got a sexy thing going on. I don’t want to see an affair; I love the mom/wife side of her story, but I also like that two beautiful people can work together in a sexy industry and not fall into the sheets.

Teddy has a secret that he needs to share; his political opponent plans to release pictures of him hugging Peggy.  It’s all innocent, but it doesn’t look good.  Surprise, surprise! Politics is a dirty game. Well, Lamar (Rayna’s father) basically responded with an “I’ll see your dirty pictures and raise you a narcotics conviction.” Jeez!  Everyone is in his pocket and Coleman Carlisle has a surprise coming up.

Juliette – The scene when the football player (Sean) told her that he’d like to keep it slow and get to know her just melted my heart. I’m not really into tradition (or at least I wasn’t), but this scene was so sweet and I loved it.  Blending the wild child that is Juliette with a good boy makes me hope that they can make it, because…

This week, Juliette was such a brat. She was flipping attitude towards Rayna, showcasing her immaturity; especially when Rayna didn’t fight fire with fire. Ooops. There was that scene when Rayna said something so mean that I felt like I’d been slapped.

The two ladies failed to bond over an all-nighter while they wrote their duet.  I don’t see mani/pedis in their future.

Young Love – The love triangle heated up a teeny bit this week as Scarlett hits the clubs to speed up the healing of her broken heart and Gunnar plays protective big brother SLASH jealous boyfriend when she kisses one of her dance partners.  The trouble is…Gunnar was on a date too (with someone else – poor girl).  Awkward. But the drama stirred up this duo’s creative juices and they’re heading back to song writing.

Avery’s career is set to explode thanks to the dancing he’s doing between the sheets with his new manager. He seems to be bothered by the loss of Scarlett, but not enough to take a chance on derailing his upcoming success. I don’t really blame him for taking his shot; but I wonder what’ll happen to his “shot” when he gets tired of rolling around with his manager.

By the way, Avery [ex-General Hospital star Jonathan Jackson] was in a movie called The Deep End of the Ocean (1999) with Michelle Pfeiffer and Treat Williams. Amazing movie – definitely check it out.

My Question Is – This week was pretty tame considering all that’s been brewing: embezzlement, politics, affairs, drugs, shoplifting, and break ups. I’m wondering when the cow pies will hit the fan. I think Nashville has something brewing and I’m hoping that it’ll shock and awe. This episode didn’t give me any clues, but I expect that we’re going to see Rayna’s personal life fall completely apart just as her career gets a new set of wings.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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