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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Supernatural “Hunteri Heroici” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Episode: “Hunteri Heroici”
Writer: Andrew Dabb

  • Dean: “Ms. Tran. Yeah, Hi, uh…. (hangs cell up) Tunnel.”
  • Dean: “Garth has a safe-houseboat?” Sam: “Dude, I don’t even ask questions anymore.”
  • Dean: “What’s the word, Cas?” Cas: “It’s a shortened version of my name.”
  • Cas: “I’m gonna become a hunter.” Sam: “Really?” Cas: “Yeah, I could be your third wheel.” Dean: “You know that’s not a good thing, right?” Cas: “Of course it is. The third wheel adds extra grip, greater stability. I even found a case.”
  • Cas: “It sounds like our kind of thing, right?” Sam: “He’s got a point.”
  • Dean: “None of this zapping around crap. Capiche?” Cas: “Yeah, I capiche.”
  • Cas: “Can I uh…at least ride in the front seat?” Sam & Dean: “No.”
  • Detective (to Dean): “Whatever you say, Scully.”
  • Cas (sniffing body): “He did recently suffer from a mild, uh, what is that? Bladder infection.” Dean: “Cas, stop smelling the dead guy.”
  • Dean (to Cas): “Strike one, Sherlock.”
  • Dean: “Guy was living a lie and it came back to bite him in the ticker. But nice job on the bladder infection.”
  • Amelia: “Don’t use the words ‘moist’ or ‘irregardless.'”
  • Mr. Thompson: “I got to say, Sam. You look like a real fixer-upper to me.”
  • Cas: “I’ll handle this. I’ve done research. I can crack her.”
  • Cas: “I do have one question for you: WHY DID YOU KILL YOUR HUSBAND?”
  • Cas: “What? I was being bad cop.” Dean: “You were being bad everything.”
  • Dean: “Friggin’ suburbs, man.” Cas: “So she’s not a witch.” Dean: “Just the best wife ever.”
  • Cas: “Then what killed her husband?” Dean: “Who gives a…” [HORN BLARES]
  • Dean: “That’s straight up Bugs Bunny.” Cas: “So we’re looking for some insect-rabbit-hybrid? How do we kill it?”
  • Cas: “It’s supposed to be funny?” Dean: “No. It’s hilarious.”
  • Cas: “I understand. The bird represents God. The Coyote is man, endlessly chasing the divine, yet never able to catch him, it’s…hilarious.”
  • Dean: “Cas, you gonna book a room or what?” Cas: “No, I’ll stay here.” Dean: “Oh. Okay. Yeah. We’ll have a slumber party and braid Sam’s hair. Where are you going to sleep?” Cas: “I don’t sleep.” Dean: “OK, well, I need my four hours, so…” Cas: “I’ll watch over you.” Dean: “That’s not gonna happen.”
  • Detective: “Got to ask. Do you boys chase the crazy? Or does the crazy chase you?” Sam: “Depends on the day.”
  • Dean: “Who’s the pancake?” Detective: “Security Guard.”
  • Dean: “All right. Let’s gear up. It’s wabbit season.” Cas: “I don’t think you pronounced that correctly.”
  • Dean: “Let’s do this. No flirting, you two.”
  • Mrs. Tate (to Cas): “You are so pretty, Charles.”
  • Dean: “Have you noticed anything strange lately, any cold spots, smells…” Mrs. Tate: “Well, there’s the cat.” Dean: “The cat?” Mrs. Tate: “He talks sometimes. Really hates that mouse.” Cas: “I’ll interrogate the cat.”
  • Dean: “Cas, let’s go.” Cas: “I’ve almost cracked him.” Dean: “Now.” Cas: “Hey, I’m not through with you.” The Cat: “Dumbass.”
  • Sam: “I’m uh…I’m Sam…Sam Winchester.” Fred: “John’s boy? The scrawny one?”
  • Dean: “What’s up, Doc?”
  • Dean: “That’s all, folks.”

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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