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Bravo’s LOLwork “Coffee is for Closers” 

Photo Credit: Matthias Clamer/Bravo

The creative team Cheezburgers need to keep their day jobs. On the latest LOLwork, CEO Ben Huh tasked his creative team with selling ad space for the website. Predictably, the result was less than stellar. The experiment began with a quick primer in sales strategy from Val, who works in the ad sales department. In contrast to the dour faces of the creative team, Val’s constant smile demonstrated why she is the type of person who should be involved in sales and not “staring at a computer.”

No member of the team seemed thrilled to participate in the exercise, but Sarah seemed the most put-out. I can’t say that I blame her. Cold calling is hard, and it really does take a certain personality. My favorite thing about Sarah, though, is that she sits in stealthy, silent judgment of everything. You can never tell what she’s thinking because she looks like she’s “over it” all of the time.

The team split up to tackle the challenge. Monda and Paul went to a pet day spa with their dog and cat, respectively. Paul regaled the spa employees with his tales of a tennis injury and the importance of beard maintenance.  They were unable to seal the deal with an actual sale of ad space and were instead stuck with a bill of $200 for spa services.  The moment of truth at the register felt contrived, and I definitely had the sense that the “mix-up” was not spontaneous.

Photo Credit: Matthias Clamer/Bravo

Meanwhile, Will pretty much gave up on the task and went instead to visit a local animal shelter. It would have been nice if more time had been spent showing the animals at the shelter. Will bottle-fed a kitten, which was one of the cutest things ever. Ali similarly gave up and accompanied Emily to video tape a bunch of Labrador puppies. I thought Ali’s head was going to explode as she tried to process all the cuteness.

Who came out the winner? Not surprisingly, it was Forest. He is the most enthusiastic of the bunch, so it made sense that he would be able to sell something. Though, he also did sell the ad space to friends who make such useful products as a fecal matter freezer.

Seeing the group unwind together at the end was nice. Next season, there should be more scenes of the Cheezburgers hanging together outside the office.

Favorite Will-ism: “I’ve never had interest in doing ad sales, but it might be a nice way to bring in a little extra money.  How hard can it be anyway?  Val does it.”

Catch LOLwork in its new 11:30/10:30c timeslot on Bravo on December 5th.

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