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Leverage Winter Premiere Preview [VIDEO AND PHOTOS] 

Leverage Winter Premiere Preview [VIDEO AND PHOTOS]

[Warning: Spoilers for the rest of season 5]

Tuesday nights just got a bit more crowded thanks to TNT as the winter runs for both Rizzoli & Isles and Leverage begin. On the plus side, when the primetime shows for the broadcast networks go into their holiday breaks, these TNT gems will continue to comfort us with brand new episodes. And how exciting is it that Leverage is back? We missed this show so much.

The TNT press release for these five winter episodes was rather informative. Six things you need to know:

  • Things are going to get personal.
  • The team is going after something they’ve never tried to steal before: a man’s dreams.
  • They’re also going to try to take down the ruthless manager of a discount store whose tactics not only threaten her employees but the town itself.
  • They’ll target a corrupt owner of a winery whose workers are collapsing.
  • The team will try to steal Christmas in order to prevent an unscrupulous toy company CEO from unleashing a dangerous product into the market.
  • And, once again, they’ll face their nemesis, Jim Sterling. Yes, that means we’ll get another appearance from go to guest star Mark Sheppard. It may happen in the season 5 finale, considering, whatever goes down in that episode, it has to do with a case involving the death of Nate’s son.

Are you sufficiently teased and ready to tune in? The first episode up is called “The Low Low Price Job.”

A synopsis
: The crew sabotages a new big-box mega-store in order to prevent it from destroying a small town. Brigid Brannagh (Army Wives) and pop singer turned actress Willa Ford (Magic City) guest-star.

We’re also looking forward to seeing more Nate & Sophie goodness and hope that we get a lot of Parker and Hardison quality action and romance time. Will Eliot ever get a new love interest? What about the mysterious business going on between Nate and Hardison that was alluded to early in season 5? Something is up. It seems like they’re sitting on a secret. Let’s hope we find out.

Now if we could only hear something about a season 6 renewal. After all, the show has averaged 3.8 million viewers during its fifth season. Hopefully, that’ll be enough to get an order for more Leverage.

Leverage is off Sundays and returns to TNT Tuesday November 27 @ 10/9c.

Leverage Promo

Photos for “The Low Low Price Job” [Erik Heinila photos courtesy of TNT]

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