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Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars, Week 9 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Where do I begin? Oh, I know: I was actually in the audience during Monday’s show! (Yeah, I got to see Val in practically nothing! See above.) Last season I went to a result show which was so much fun. Being there for the live taping of the performances was also so fun and so interesting. It really gave me a different perspective that I hope I can convey to all of you.

Let’s talk about me first. 1. I was sitting near Florence Henderson a.k.a Mrs. Carol Brady. I wanted to say something to her, but I also didn’t want to look like a dorky fan. (Even though, I totally am!) 2. I saw a couple of actors from General Hospital. The one that is always there is Nancy Lee Grahn. I think it is amazing how she has supported Kelly Monaco the whole season. 3. I got to watch the judges while each couple was dancing. You know what, there are too many things to discuss so I will just share some stuff that maybe will interest you.

My sister and I got to sit directly across from the stage, so we could see everything. Also before the show even started I got to witness how nervous some of the contestants were and saw them practicing. The great thing about this show is that they really want the audience to have a great time! They wanted everyone to stand up during dances and applause like crazy! (FYI, My hands still hurt. I know, boo hoo for me) Just kidding….Anyway, I booed and yelled! I got to do all the stuff that I do at home while watching the show. (Except, I had to dress up and keep my shoes on.)

Back to the competition: All the couples had two dances each. The first had been picked for them last week on the result show. They were mixed themes with different dances. Here is how it broke down:

Melissa and Tony – Caveman Hustle
Shawn and Derek – Knight Rider Bhangra
Apolo and Karina – Big Top Jazz
Emmitt and Cheryl – Espionage Lindy hop
Kelly and Val – Surfer Flamenco

I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking what were the producers on when they picked these combinations? They
probably had a little of Tom Bergeron’s cold medicine. They like to party on this show. I think my favorite of these dances were Kelly and Val and Shawn and Derek.

The second dances were all songs from Michael Jackson’s Bad Album. Since ABC was showing a special about the album during the week, ABC got some cross promotions in. Everyone did great. I think some of the judging was a little bit unfair, especially for Kelly and Val in their Michael Jackson number. They are the only couple left that did not get any 10s.

Now this week was another double elimination week. Out of the five couples left, there were 4 couples that had won the mirror ball trophy before. And two champions fell.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

First, Apolo and Karina said goodbye. He had fallen the night before but had earned perfect scores for the Michael Jackson dance. At this point in the results show only Shawn and Derek and Melissa and Tony were safe.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

The last spot came down to Emmitt or Kelly. And the axe fell on Emmitt and Cheryl. The bottom line is anyone of them could have made the finals, but the ladies are in it to win it!

So who will win the Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars season? Find out on Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

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