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Bravo’s LOLwork “Cheez Olympics” 

Photo Credit: Bravo

The LOLwork team got their games faces, sweatbands, and spandex on last night for their annual Cheez Olympics. The ultimate prize was the Cat King Trophy, a silver metal cup with a cat perched on top.

Before the excitement of the games, the Cheezburgers had routine business to take care of. In the conference room, Paul raised the issue of featuring more non-fuzzy animals on the site, which was ironic considering he is the fuzziest person in the office. Next Ali recruited Forest, Tori, and Paul to test-drive a new feature for their website, in which viewers attempt to recreate cat photos. I can’t quite describe how badly this went. Despite having earlier derided his internet colleagues for their nerdiness, Forest didn’t do much to stand apart from them when he insisted on climbing into a trash bag, covering himself with wrapping paper, and popping out in his best cat pose.  

I was confused by the scene with CEO Ben Huh and Chief Revenue Officer Todd Sawicki. I couldn’t figure out exactly what they were arguing about or why I should care. Next time, they should throw in a gratuitous cat or two to liven things up.

But on to the main event, the undisappointingly bad Cheez Olympics. Paul took on the first challenge of milk lapping, which resulted in a beard full of milk and milk spray struggling desperately to free itself from his hair. Next year, Paul should get a hairnet and a bib. The second challenge ignited sparks between Editor-in-Chief Emily Huh and her husband. The conflict revolved around Ben’s blatant attempt to cheat at his Meme Man game. While Ben flexed his dictatorial muscle, Emily won the argument on principle. The final challenge took the teams outside to the parking lot. This was almost the best part of the episode because, as Ali coined them, the “pale and frail” teams looked like they were going to burst into flames from the sun’s glaring rays.

None of our favorite Cheezburgers won the Cheez Olympics. It can’t be expected that the creative team is going to excel in athletics – even half-assed cat-themed athletics.

My favorite Will-ism of the episode, “I play a lot of cat themed games at home, but it’s kind of weird playing cat themed games with other people, but it’s really exciting, too.”

LOLwork airs on Bravo Wednesday nights at 11/10c.

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