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Nashville Thoughts: Dirty Politics and Young Love 

Photo Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC

Kimberly here and I’m still madly in love with ABC’s Nashville. Which is such a shocker, because I’m a Fringe, Modern Family, The Vampire Diaries fan; but Nashville has its hooks in me. So let me catch you up on my reaction.

The Affair that Isn’t

Last time I said that Rayna’s husband (Teddy Conrad) had a thing with Kimberly Williams-Paisley (character name is Peggy Sampler) and I was wrong about the type of thing they had. It wasn’t between the sheets (although they do have a past), it was at the bank. They embezzled TWO MILLION DOLLARS. Can you get your head around that amount? I smell a jail sentence. They paid it back, but that doesn’t matter in the eyes of the law and now Peggy is being audited. Uh ohhh.

Rayna’s daddy comes to the rescue, promising to calm Peggy’s fears.

With a bullet?

Young Love

I mentioned that the other stories couldn’t compete with Rayna and Juliette. I was wrong. They have put on a helluva show. I’m starting to wonder about the love triangle between Avery, Scarlett, and Gunnar. Avery volunteered to play guitar at Scarlett and Gunnar’s audition (which they lost) and took the moment to shine. Now everyone is wondering where they stand with one another; who’s in love with whom here?

And is someone else joining the party? A big break might be around the block for Avery; if he makes nice with a woman (Marilyn) promising to make his music dreams come true. Well, Avery walked away from the “offer” after a heavy make out session and Scarlett walked away from him.  I knew she had it in her.

Juliette met a guy. A goody-two-shoes, pro football player, who was initially a set up by her PR rep and is now promising to be something more.

Dirty Politics

Photo Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC

Lamar (Rayna’s father) has cops in his pocket and they did him a solid by pulling over Teddy’s opponent (Coleman Carlisle) when he was on his way to a political hoop-dee-do and they found drugs (Deacon’s drugs). Every episode we get to see how much better Coleman is than Teddy. Turns out that Coleman is an AA sponsor; but right when I started to root for Coleman, he met with the guy he hired to follow Teddy around hoping to hit pay dirt.

Which brings us back to the “affair” Teddy is having with Peggy. My prediction is that right when Lamar manages to squash the news of the two million dollar embezzlement, Coleman will uncover it. Looks like that little accounting “error” just won’t go away.

Nashville airs Wednesdays on ABC at 10/9c.

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  1. Tracy Oeser

    I absolutely love this show too! (although my husband thinks I\’m crazy) I loved Connie Britton in \”Friday Night Lights\” and I can\’t believe Hayden Panetierre can play such a bad girl. I\’ve heard some knocks on my local radio about the music but I think it\’s really fresh and good. I hope they keep the show around for a bit so they can keep developing the characters.

    1. Kimberly, The Fur Mom

      I\’m with you, Tracy – I love this show and I\’m getting a kick out of watching it. What I love is that every time I think I understand a character they change on me. This just keeps me coming back!


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