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Haven “Sarah” 


Photo Credit: Syfy

The problem with expecting perfection is that you’re rarely ever going to get it. When the cast and crew started expressing massive, overwhelming joy for “Sarah,” the episode of Haven that aired last night, it became the benchmark. We had to get to episode nine and then we’d be on track for Audrey and Nathan and they would be together. Nobody ever explicitly said *that,* but that’s what episode nine meant to me, and we didn’t get it. So, I was disappointed. If we take that off the table, and again, that’s *my* problem, not a fault of the actual episode, what we got was a really lovely November Valentine for the fans.

While we didn’t get all the answers, we got a few. We begin in present Haven with Duke. Because it’s his dad’s birthday, he starts reminiscing via his dad’s journal and winds up at the house of a man whose name is listed in the book. Before he can really get his questions out, the man panics and *poof,* Duke blinks back to 1955, the date of the journal listing, and the day his grandfather died. Back in the present, Haven starts to unravel, and Audrey being Audrey, has to convince Nathan what’s happening. Notable—still with the town taking a turn, he’s with Jordan and not her.

Duke has the wherewithal to send a future telegram to Audrey explaining where he is and soon Nathan is back in time with him. Audrey holds the fort in the present and then finds herself in a pickle because the newest historical wrinkle is that the town has shifted again, she’s a target of the Rev’s men, and Garland is alive but Nathan is dead. Audrey is defiant that she can fix this.

Nathan and Duke find each other and realize the wrinkle that Duke caused was saving his grandfather’s life, before he knew who he was, and then he ends up doing it a second time. Nathan eventually has to tell Duke his grandfather has to die for their future to be intact. Also mentioned in the journal? Sarah, Audrey’s two cycles back past self. And in the book she’s the one who kills the senior Crocker.

Nathan and Duke start to look for her, presuming she’s dangerous because they’ve always know she killed a Crocker, and they assumed that’s what she did cross the board. Instead, they find out she’s a VA nurse, newly arrived in Haven with the same Roger Mosley who blinked them back to 1955, only here he’s a catatonic war vet. Nathan is fairly immediately smitten and Duke gently reminds him that no matter what he feels, she is not (his) Audrey.

Despite the warning, and because he’s dumb like that, Nathan goes to see Mosley and is busted and ejected from the hospital by Sarah. When she drags him out the front door by his ear, he stands there a minute a little dumbstruck before he calls her amazing and she’s intrigued. This really doesn’t help Nathan’s mindset.

Soon they’re on the shore, side by side on a blanket, sharing a couple of beers and Sarah tells him she’s from DC, that she was in the war, and that she was often better than the doctors at helping her patients. He asks her about her encounters with the unusual, whether she knows the Crockers, and he plants the seed for who she will be when she tells him her supervisor said she was always good with the strange ones and he tells her “You don’t need to be afraid of what you can’t explain.”

She changes the conversation by telling him he’s her first friend in Haven, and putting her hand over his. She talks about learning in the war to seize every moment before it passes and leans in to kiss him, and somewhere in his mind he remembers his Audrey, and Jordan, and he apologizes and gets up. Sarah smiles and drops her chin and remarks to herself that she always picks the shy ones. Nathan gets about ten steps from her and then turns back and looks at her and smiles. She smiles back and he drops to the blanket and sweeps her into a kiss. And that’s all we see (DAMMIT). We get every suggestion later that’s not where it ended.

Duke goes to talk to his grandpa to convince him to leave Haven and has his buy-in until grandpa finds a weathered version of his own journal. He knocks Duke out and ties him up and Duke spills all the family secrets to prove he is who he says his. Then grandpa has the bright idea to kill Sarah before she can kill him.

This leads to a mad scramble to keep Sarah safe. Nathan goes to see her, and she’s thrilled (ding ding ding) and he gives her his gun and tells her to flee. She ends up in the basement face to face with grandpa as Duke pleads sanity, and they set their guns down and then grandpa pulls a knife and Sarah shoots him.

Photo Credit: Syfy

Later, Nathan tells Sarah the whole truth of where he and Duke come from, and he tells her about the Troubled, and what her gift is, and he shows her a picture of an older Mosley and asks for her help in getting Mosley to send them home. She tells him she doesn’t want to be alone, and he tells her to go talk to the Teagues, that they will be friends. She agrees to help, and shows Mosley the picture and he’s calm and accepting and then Duke and Nathan blink back home.

At the same time, in the alterHaven, Audrey stares down a gun and bullet and as Nathan and Duke get home, that reality blinks away. She shoos Nathan and Duke out of Mosley’s garden and then asks Mosley for directions and takes her leave to go meet the boys back out front. Duke is grieving again that he got bullied into another death and he sulks off after dropping Sarah’s name.

Audrey asks Nathan about Sarah and he tells her they were her first case. She asks what she was like, and if she had a family, and Nathan asks her what’s going on. She hesitates and then tells him that she needs to tell him what she couldn’t before, that the Colorado Kid is her/Sarah’s son. And Nathan isn’t terribly surprised.

Back in 1955, Sarah calls her captain and tells him she’ll stay in Haven, that she thinks she can be helpful, and we see that her captain is Audrey’s Agent Howard. Dun dun dun.

SO. The assumption/takeaway is that the Colorado Kid is Nathan and Sarah’s son. While I’m miffed we only saw the kiss, that development is something I actually expected and that’s immediately where my brain went the minute we found out the Kid was Sarah’s, but I hadn’t worked out how Nathan could be the father.

The gray area there is that while I completely get that Nathan would seize an opportunity with Sarah because he sees his Audrey in her, and opportunity after opportunity with Audrey has gotten away from him, the reality is he cheated on Jordan, and he cheated on his Audrey. I Tweeted a comment last night that whenever Nathan explains this to Audrey and Jordan, it’s going to be up there with “We were on a break” (from Friends) and “We were cursed” (from OUaT).

The downside for us as an audience is that we didn’t get to see that unfold onscreen. I think Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose could have played the hell out of what would have been an enormously layered scene where Nathan, in his heart and mind, was finally with this woman he’s loved all along and gone to such great lengths to protect, while to Sarah he’s completely new. I wonder if it was even filmed. I need to let that go and just be grateful we got a great kiss, which was amazing in itself after three seasons.

On the face of it for the characters, it’s intriguing that Nathan set up Sarah to be who she would become, and that it really came from Lucy in the middle incarnation being who the Teagues told Audrey she was a variation on. I love the past informing the future informing the older past and the Teagues being the axis for all of it.

I really want to see the whiteboard in the writers room. Kudos to Lilla and Nora Zuckerman for sorting all that out.

As for Duke, I hope he gets some time with Dr. Callahan, because he’s going to need it. I’m glad that even for a moment, he got to meet his grandpa without the shading of the family curse all over them. Eric Balfour was awesome in those scenes. And I wonder, when Duke absorbed the blood of his grandpa, did he short circuit his family’s curse, so that he doesn’t have it anymore, and his dad never had it at all? I hope that’s answered.

I loved that we got Nicholas Campbell back, even for a moment, as Garland, and that Audrey hugged him immediately.

We have four episodes left this season, after a one-week break for the Thanksgiving holiday. I think if I scale my expectations on where we’re supposed to get and just enjoy the ride, I’ll be fine with wherever we go.

Haven returns Friday, November 30th, at 10 pm/9c on Syfy.

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  1. Liriel

    I\’m not saying Nathan is *not* the Colorado Kid\’s father. He may be. But the \”missing\” poster for the Colorado Kid said he was born August 31, 1956. This episode sent him back to August 16, 1955. Without either a plot-explanation or a \”it was just a prop\” write-off, the timing does not work out.

    I like to think they didn\’t have sex. Sarah isn\’t Audrey, not completely. And Nathan is still dating Jordan. And when we had other sexy times on this show, we saw clothes coming off to say it was more that kissing. This is the case with Nathan/Jess, Audrey/Chris, Duke/Evi, and the aborted Duke/Audrey. But I\’m probably grasping at straws, the date is just a prop and they just didn\’t want to spell it out this time for the 10% of the audience who didn\’t immediately leap to fatherhood for Nathan.

    I\’m hoping with the final few eps this season we go back to last season\’s 2×11 and find out how this all started and how it can be ended, like Lucy seems to have done. And, of course, I\’m hoping Audrey won\’t be caught and erased. I don\’t want a big red reset button on all her relationships. But I don\’t think that\’s likely, anyway. I do think the Colorado Kid might actually show up. I wonder if he got taken into the barn, too. Has he aged? If they (whoever \”they\” are) didn\’t catch him, then maybe we can get a few answers. We can\’t get them all, since we know there\’s going to be a fourth season. So hopefully the Colorado Kid won\’t have to die a real, permanent death this time to keep Audrey, Nathan, and Duke from getting their answers. At a guess, we might find out how the Troubles started, but probably not how to stop them.

  2. Denise

    In my opinion Nathan is not with Jordan at the time of this episode and he’s clearly not with Audrey either, considering the steamy kiss Audrey shared with Duke just the episode before.

    I believe since Audrey has been pushing him away, seeing Audrey this way with the opportunity that presented itself may have caused for feelings of longing to overcome him. Her starting the conversation about learning to seize the moment from her time in war definitely set it up for her to be open to anything; as for Nathan it would have been difficult to distinguish the minor differences between Sarah and Audrey while he was holding her, loving her and missing Audrey’s touch which he hasn’t had since the time she has become distant.

    Love love this episode…

    1. Heather M

      Thanks for writing, Denise. I was glad it was covered in the finale. When “Sarah” aired, I wasn’t wholly convinced that there wasn’t something still going on with Audrey and Nathan that we as the audience hadn’t been looped in on, and that their “separation” was a manipulation for everyone else. I didn’t think the writers would do that, but it had crossed my mind.

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