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Reality Fix Recap: Bravo’s LOLwork “Career Day” 

Photo Credit: Bravo

In last night’s episode, LOLwork opened its office to a group of middle school children, and it proved to be one of the saddest field trips ever. Of course, that’s also what made it entertaining.

Chief Revenue Officer Todd Sawicki brought in the kids under the auspices of Career Day at the Cheezburger office. This seemed like a nice thing to do, but then Todd admits he’s trying to impress the headmaster, because he wants his son to attend that school someday. It was like watching the Grinch’s heart shrink to being two sizes too small.

Todd welcomes the kids and thanks them for coming in on a “Caturday” (yes, that means Saturday).  His pun hits the floor like a 25-pound box of litter, and the looks on the kids’ faces are priceless. Not a single smile or laugh, just dead silence. If only the kids knew that the day was just going to get worse.

The kids were divided into groups and paired up with two Cheezburgers. In the Will/Paul group, Paul, aka Eeyore, offered the kids some life advice that they probably could have done without: “When you work doing things that you like, the thing that you like suddenly becomes the thing that you hate, and so you have to learn to love and hate something at the same time.” Come on Paul, they have only a brief period in life where they get to be optimistic about their futures.  There’s no need to rain on them quite yet.  I do have to admit that Paul is starting to grow on me.  I hope there is a cream for that.

The kids in the other group didn’t fare much better.  Forest fancied himself to be the James Cameron of cat cinematography. (Cheezburgers – feel free to add “James Cateron” to your list of famous cat names, and you’re welcome).  He put the kids in front of the green screen and proceeded to berate them until they got in the right spot for the shot. It was obnoxious, but may actually be the closest the kids got to a real working environment.

The highlight of the day, though, had to be Ali’s Happy Cat performance. In a jankety cat costume, Ali stormed into the room and proceeded to give a Napoleon Dynamite-worthy dance performance.  The best part was her long ponytail hanging out from the back of the costume head. I am not sure if the staff or the kids were more confused about what was going on. I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Happy Cat.

I am going to end my LOLwork reviews with my favorite Will-isms going forward.  My favorite of this episode: “I love kids, I just love cats more.”

Tune in next Wednesday, November 21st, at 11/10 c for the Cheez Olympics.  I have a feeling it will be a cat-astrophe.  Trust me, I’ve got a million of these.

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