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Person of Interest “Critical” 

Person of Interest “Critical”
Person of Interest "Critical"
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Most of the time, Person of Interest has one main storyline going – maybe two – in each episode.  Tonight’s episode was a major exception, and I have to make a confession – I had to watch it twice just to make sure I could put all of the pieces together.  So, to all of you viewers – I sure hope you didn’t even take a piss break, because if you did, you probably missed something important.

In my opinion, the season two premiere was one of the best episodes thus far in the series, and not just because of the “Root” storyline.  The person of interest, Leon Tao (Ken Leung) was a hoot, and served as a major comic relief for a show that leans a great deal on the serious side.  Well, guess what?  He’s back!! The goof couldn’t stay out of trouble, his number comes up again, and Reese (Jim Caviezel) ends up saving his ass a second time, this time from the Russian mafia.  But, it wasn’t all bad.  Leon becomes a huge help in a time that is greatly needed, and we get a pretty good hint as to where the series is going from the remainder of the season.

For about 5 milliseconds, Leon is Reese’s person of interest, but moments after that, another number comes up – that of a respected cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Madeleine Enright (Sharon Leal).  From everything that Finch (Michael Emerson) can find out, she is one of the best in her field, and while she may be a lesbian, that hardly seems like a motive for murder.  But, to Finch and Reese’s surprise, she’s not the target.  She’s the perpetrator being forced to kill her patient, the leader of one of the top energy companies in the country.

The mastermind behind the plan is a Alistar Wesley (Julian Sands), and the motivation appears to be pure greed.  You kill off the CEO of a giant of a company and make a killing in the stock sales.  Wesley’s ticket is Dr. Elbright’s wife, Amy, whom he threatens to kill if she doesn’t do exactly as he says.   Crap, I would call that a bad day!

This is where things really start to get interesting, and if you don’t pay very close attention, you’ll be lost.  Besides the Wesley threat, a custodian from a company Fujima Technotronics is found shot to death, and for a reason that no one understands, has Carter’s (Taraji P. Henson) card in his jacket.  Fusco (Kevin Chapman) is assigned the case, but immediately pulls Carter in because he senses there is something personal going on.

Fusco is right on the money too.  The card on the dead guy leads Carter to Fujima, and that leads Carter to Agent Snow (Mike Kelly).  We all remember from season one how relentlessly Snow pursued Reese and gave Carter nothing but trouble for trying to protect him.  Hell, Snow’s accomplice even shot Reese and almost killed him! He was an asshole, we wanted him dead, but at this moment, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him.  Now, with a bomb strapped to his chest and having nowhere to turn, he resorts to the people who he knows have a true moral compass – Reese and Carter.   Leaving that card was a desperate cry for help, and I thought it was a brilliant move.

           “She has something big planned, and she has nothing to lose” — Snow

That quote from Snow sent a shudder down my spine.

The one character I am interested in and can’t wait to find out more about is Cara Stanton (Annie Parisse).  We all know she’s the one pulling Snow’s strings like some puppet, and to some extent, she has good reason with Snow leaving her and Reese to die in China in season one.  But, man, this is some serious sh*t she is pulling, and I have a gut feeling there is much more to the story.  And, to some extent, I think part of that story may be related to that Alistair Wesley.  At the end of the episode, it is revealed that he knows John and that they have met.  Could the whole Alistair Wesley, John Reese, Cara Stanton storylines all be connected? With the brilliant writing for Person of Interest I sure wouldn’t doubt it.

Finally, we have Leon.  I really like this guy.  Ever since the beginning of the series, I always felt that things were a little lop-sided with Fusco and Carter being Reese’s back-ups, but Finch never really having anyone to step in if needed.  That void was filled tonight with Leon.  He not only broke the case due to Finch’s absence but he did so without violating a single one of Finch’s rules (well, except feeding Bear some Chinese noodles, but I think that will be forgiven). I think Leon achieved the impossible: he actually gained Finch’s trust, which is a huge feat for someone who trusts no one at all.  I’d bet every dime I have that his character will be back this season.

And, now for the big question (and actually one that I asked Taraji P. Henson at New York Comic-Con): how much do you really want to know and will you eventually become a member of Finch and Reese’s team? As a woman of deep integrity, I suspect she’ll want to know it all, even despite her son.

Damn, what a roller coaster ride this episode was.  Did everyone get all of that? Anyone else scratching their heads and have the need to rewatch the episode tomorrow to get some of the details they missed?  If I had to give this episode a grade, it would be between an A and A+.  It was a little too fast-moving for the common viewer, but at the same time, the fast pace and huge twisted plots are what make Person of Interest unique. Person of Interest, just keep doing what you’re doing and the viewers will keep lining up every week.

Some memorable quotes and tidbits

  • “You’re the boss.  Never did figure John for being in upper management” – Leon
  • “Even if I had a phobia, now is not the time for it” — — Finch
  • What am I supposed to do here? Just eat Hot Pockets?” – Leon
  • “Do I seem like a guy who would let you down?” – Leon
  • “Damn! Is this what you guys do all day! So cool!” — Leon to Finch and Reese
  • “Oh, God, it’s squashy” – Finch on seeing Veldt’s exposed heart
  • I loved Finch’s and Reese’s alias – Harold Crane and John Rooney.  Yes, another one of Finch’s bird alias!


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  1. Mardigus

    I wish CBS would show Person Of Interest online. I will lose my job calling in sick every Thursday night.

    1. Mary Powers

      I wish they would too. CBS used to post previous episodes online last season, but they stopped. I have no idea why.

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