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Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars, Week 8 [RESULTS] 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Remember how no one went home last week because of the election? Well, this week, that meant….duh, duh, duh…..a double elimination! But before we get to that, since Monday was Veteran’s day, DWTS put military members in the audience. The first dances the couples did were in salute to them. Thanks to the military men and women for keeping us safe and free, cause I can’t do it, so I appreciate all of them. Of course, all the routines were really great. But my favorite were the trio dances! They did this last season for the first time and it was a really interesting new way of adding in another angle to the difficulty factor.

(One quick thing before we talk about the trios. I have never seen the judges fight more than this past Monday! I know it’s bad, but I liked it. Is that so wrong? Probably…)

My favorite trio was probably Shawn, Derek and Mark. Now, they took a risk with this dance, which was a salsa. But the risk was that they mixed the salsa a more tribal feel. I thought it was really an interesting dynamic. Shawn got to dance with her previous partner and her current partner. The three of them worked so well together. Derek and Mark have gotten in trouble before for taking risks. Carrie Ann and Bruno really loved it. But Len was not so happy. He said there was barely any salsa. (Okay, he is right about that, but it was entertaining!) He then looked at Shawn and said if they got kicked off on Tuesday, it would be Derek and Mark’s fault not his. Carrie Ann gave them a 10, Bruno gave them a 9 and Len gave them a 7. I think Len has a little bit of a grudge against Derek and like Ari Gold would say, “they should just hug it out.” So did they get kicked off?

The other question is: Who will be in the semifinals next week?


  • Shawn and Derek were saved by the audience! Then Melissa and Tony were also sent through to the semifinals.
  • Next, Kelly and Val along with Kirstie and Maks were ready to find out which of the two was the first couple to leave the ballroom. It was Kirstie and Maks and she took it in stride. I think by the look on Kelly’s face, she thought it would be them, but she and Maks’ bro are moving on to next week.
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC


  • At this point, there were three couples that still did not know their fate: Apolo and Karina, Emmitt and Cheryl and Gilles and Peta. All of the couples deserved to be in the semi-finals, but in the end, it was Gilles and Peta that were sent on their way.

Next week is the big semifinals show! Who do you want to see make it to the finals!

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

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