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Thoughts on ABC’s Nashville 

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As I’m writing this there’s a southern accent in my head that probably sounds like nails on a chalkboard to a true southerner. ABC’s Nashville grabbed my attention with their promo commercials showing The Cheerleader from Heroes singing and the mom from American Horror Story walking out from a meeting. What the heck is going on here?

After seeing this commercial a few times, I set my DVR to record and have been hooked on Nashville ever since.

The Ladies

Rayna, The VeteranConnie Britton from American Horror Story died and moved on to Nashville. Her character is the veteran country star with daddy issues, who sold out arenas in the past, but sales are now slowing down and her bank account is dwindling.

Juliette, The Ingénue – Hayden Panettiere has traded in her pom poms for a music studio.  It didn’t take long for me to stop seeing her as Claire and start seeing her as a little siren as she walking around like she owned the world.

There are lots of side stories going on, but these two ladies stand out and I’m amazed that I relate to both of them. As a woman who passed the threshold of forty over a year ago, it can be disheartening dealing with women who have half my age and still drop weight with a sneeze.

I don’t want to like Rayna, because she’s so bitter, but her character is more than just a famous country singer. She’s a mom and a wife; and those parts of her character helped me warm up to her.

I love Juliette, because she’s playing the tough girl, who cries whenever she has to turn her back on her drug addict mother. In the last episode, she had to deal with a shoplifting charge; the video was blowing up online and her manager was ready to quit.

When Juliette confessed why she stole the nail polish, my heart broke. I can’t help but root for her.

Cheating and Lies

We’re still not sure if Rayna cheated on her husband with writing partner, Deacon. Teddy asked her point blank and Rayna denied it. But do we believe her? Juliette had been trying to woo Deacon away from Rayna’s tour and it seems to be working.  And Rayna’s husband, Teddy, is making eyes at Brad Paisely’s Wife (Kimberly Williams-Paisley, from Father of the Bride) and apparently they have a shady past.

Oh and Rayna will be broke in a few months.

Boooo, Who Cares | I’m Starting To

Then there are other stories. Rayna’s husband is running for office. Rayna and her father don’t get along.  Juliette’s mother is a drug addict (and now living with her, go figure), and there’s a young couple new to the music biz and it’s creating trouble in paradise.

Avery has been trying to break into country music and his girlfriend just stumbles into an opportunity that lands her in a music studio with another guy. He tries to hide his bitterness behind support, but he’s turning green (you know, with envy).

His girlfriend is Scarlett. Super sweet and needs a back bone transplant, but I have a feeling that as the season goes on, she’ll grow a pair.  And Gunner is her new singing partner that seems to like her (like like her), but he’s holding back.

I Wonder

I’m curious if we’ll see Scarlett’s character morph into a siren ala Mean Girls or Jaw Breaker (am I showing my age) by the end of the first season. But for now, I wonder how Rayna and her husband will manage to continue waiving those Hypocrite Flags as they complain about each other’s infidelities.

Nashville airs Wednesdays on ABC at 10/9c.

Nashville: The Story

Nashville: The Trailer

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  1. Theresa Sheridan

    I never saw Connie Britton in American Horror Story, but LOVED her in Friday Night Lights, the TV series. I think she totally fits as Rayna. I took to this show right away, too, and am impressed that they\’re all doing their own singing!

  2. JNadreau

    I don\’t really follow this show, but after reading reviews of it, I might just start watching it. Great descriptions of the characters, and what motivates them. And some good backstory too, so we don\’t get lost if we start watching it in mid-season.

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