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The Walking Dead Preview: The Group’s Recovery & More Governor Creepiness in “Say The Word” [VIDEO] 

The Walking Dead Preview: The Group’s Recovery & More Governor Creepiness in “Say The Word” [VIDEO]
The Walking Dead "Say The Word"
Photo Credit: AMC

Wow, how many of you are still reeling from last week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Well, I am. I fully expected there were going to be some deaths, but even with that knowledge, it still gets to you. So, what happens next?

From some of the previews that have been leaked, here are some of the things we know:

  • After the onslaught on the camp in Season 2, we have always known that Glenn insists that we bury our friends and family and not burn them. In the upcoming episode, “Say The Word”, we see him digging 3 graves. We know that T-Dog and Lori were killed, but who’s the third grave for. Is it for the prisoner, Andrew, who betrayed them? Does Glenn consider him family enough to dig him a grave? Or, did someone else not survive?
  • At the end of last week’s episode, Rick completely loses it — and understandably. Will he be able to pull it together and lead the team at a time when they need his leadership more than ever? Or will someone else, like Daryl, need to step up and take charge?
  • And, what about the Governor? In the comics, besides keeping the creepy collection of pickled zombie heads for his own personal amusement, he also carries out arena battles, like in the old gladiator days. Glen Mazzara has already confirmed that the series will retain that story line from the comics, but we don’t know if we’ll begin to see it in the next episode.
  • The comic-book series also has Michonne being raped and tortured and then, thrown in as part of these arena battles for the Governor. It is still unclear if the series will follow that particular plot.

Finally, we have the budding relationship between Andrea and The Governor. I’m sorry, this girl really has some seriously bad taste in men. In the comic-book series, Andrea has a romantic relationship with Dale, but the television series opted to make them just friends, even though it was obvious that Dale felt more. So, while pushing Dale aside, she has a fling with Shane, who was probably the most evil one in the entire bunch. Now, she’s growing close to The Governor. Andrea may have been smart enough to survive this long, but she sure doesn’t seem that bright in her choices of companions. Let’s just hope she wises up soon enough.

If you just can’t wait for tomorrow’s episodes, here are some sneak peeks:

Glenn is digging 3 graves — but who is the 3rd grave for?


The Walking Dead airs tomorrow night at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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