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Moment of Goodness

Moments of Goodness: Haven “Magic Hour Part Two” 

Photo Credit: Syfy

So, it happens sometimes in shows we love, where events go from A to B to C because they have to, and they can’t go any other way, really, but the who and the how become much more important than the when and the where. We knew absolutely that Nathan would revive before the end of the episode. It was foregone. There is no show without him. There is no Audrey without him.

So, it was fairly by the numbers that would be our outcome. The getting him there was the challenge of the preceding 35 minutes and change. In that time, we saw Audrey run the gamut of grief–avoidance, resolution, defiance, acceptance, and finally, loss. And then she got mad as hell.

She figured out (after Tommy killed Noelle) that she somehow had to activate Moira’s trouble (and serious kudos to makeup and wardrobe for making Claudia Black nerdy, because, really, how?) to save Nathan, and that would be our MacGuffin of the evening.

So she does, but she doesn’t know she has, and she tells Nathan goodbye. In front of Duke and Jordan and God and everybody, she takes Nathan’s head in her hands and tells him that she has always loved him, and always will love him. And he doesn’t hear it. But Duke and Jordan do, and there it is–even with whatever their relationships are to Audrey and Nathan separately, they are external to this bond that Audrey and Nathan have with each other, even if he dies right there on the floor. But of course, he doesn’t die.

And in the moment that he’s back, Audrey is relieved and she steps aside for Jordan because it’s not their time yet. And later, at the Stowaway, when Nathan opens the door on everything they’ve missed of late, she gently points out Jordan in the wings, reminding him that it’s still not their time yet.

And oh my God, it better get here.

We did get one tiny, teeny moment after they shoot the sh-t out of Tommy’s boat when Nathan puts his arm around Audrey and she rests her head against him, saddened at another (presumed) lost key to her past.  And Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant win all the awards.

Again, oh my God. It better get here.

Next week, episode nine. Stock up on whatever you’ll need to get through to Saturday morning.

P.S. If you missed it, Haven‘s been renewed for a 4th season. Boo-yah!

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