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Scandal Preview: What You Need to Know About “All Roads Lead to Fitz” 

Richard Foreman/ABC

[WARNING: Spoilers for tonight’s episode]

While the title of this latest Scandal is “All Roads Lead to Fitz,” the POTUS isn’t actually in tonight’s episode. After all, he’s currently attending the G8 summit in Tokyo. President Fitzgerald may be out of sight but he certainly isn’t out of mind.

It takes Cyrus to remind everyone that even though his boss is absent from Washington, “all roads lead to Fitz.” It’s kind of an ominous warning that he gives but it’s true, especially for those involved in that super secret behind closed doors meeting that ended the last new episode. The action in “All Roads…” remains intense — just like every other Scandal. That’s why it’s one my favorite shows on TV right now.

Synopsis: When the wife of a governor is raped, the governor takes the law into his own hands and then asks Olivia and her team to come in and clean up his mess. Meanwhile, both Cyrus and the President are caught off-guard when Cyrus’ husband, James, decides to return to his career as a journalist covering the White House.

What You Need to Know about “All Roads Lead to Fitz”

  • In the midst of all the drama of the secret meetings and the case of the week, there is some time spent on entanglements of the romantic persuasion. With Fitz gone, will Olivia turn her attention to someone else? Huck dips his foot in the dating pool. Yes, I said Huck.
  • There’s an awkward scene between Cyrus and his partner, James, that takes place in public. Something tells me that life at home for the two is going to be a bit turbulent for some time to come.
  • David Rosen is definitely a topic of discussion in this episode. A major topic of discussion.
  • Cyrus is my all-star for this episode: he has some really great moments, especially with the two women in Fitz’s life. (Yes, despite the POTUS ending things with Olivia, I still consider her a part of his life).
  • Olivia’s latest case comes with some baggage.
  • There’s another crazy good ending. This show really knows how to close an episode.

Scandal airs Thursdays on ABC at 10/9c.

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