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Bravo’s LOLwork Series Premiere “The Show Must Go On!” 

Photo Credit: Matthias Clamer/Bravo

Are you ready for a new Bravolebrity? Then meet Will Sharick, the cat loving curmudgeon on Bravo’s
new show LOLwork. Sharick is the self-proclaimed “censor” for the website,
which features photos of animals (lots of cats and dogs) with humorous captions. Sharick is a younger,
paler, long-lost brother of Jeff Lewis, and I anxiously await the day they end up together on Andy
Cohen’s clubhouse couch. Not like that.

Sharick delivered some of the funniest moments of the premiere episode. The first was when he
schooled Paul, the wild-haired content manager, on a good rule of thumb when posting photos of
cats: “Sleeping is cute, dead not cute.” The second was during the team meeting when the suggestion
was made to showcase hairless cats on the site. Sharick dropped the awesomely non-sequitur, “The less
hair a cat has, the more likely you are to see its genitals.” I had never thought of this, but then realized I
have a very fluffy cat and have, thankfully, never seen his genitals.

Of course, you can’t have a Jeff without a Jenni and Zoila. The other Cheezburgers come together to
form a cohesive blend of goodhearted wackiness. Forest is the know-it-all, Sarah is the blossomed
former nerd (congrats on surviving the “master debaters”), Tori is the smartass, Paul is the Eeyore/
weirdo, and Ali is the diplomat. While they all seem to have their roles, the charm of the show is that
these are real people. It is going to be interesting to see if they’re able to maintain group harmony or if
we have some serious cat-fights ahead. Yeah. I went there.

The episode was capped off with a team- building project/competition concocted by Cheezburger
CEO Ben Huh, which involved creating introductory segments for funny animal video clips. Forest and
Tori were paired up, and Forest envisioned a surrealistic homage to cats. What he came up with was
simply craptastic. Its awfulness cinched the top spot. This is the type of jacked up decision making that
promises to make this an entertaining show.

If you don’t like animals, you are broken and should seek therapy. Part of that therapy should include
watching LOLwork. When you finally watch a video of a cat wrestling with puppies and let loose an
involuntary, “Awwww,” you’ll know you’re cured.

LOLwork airs Wednesday nights at 11/10c on Bravo. I canz not wait 2 seez more.

Here’s a little taste of LOLwork:

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