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Castle Preview: 5 Things to Expect from “The Final Frontier” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC

[Warning: Spoilers for tonight’s episode of Castle]

Set your phasers to stun, Castle is all new and all nerdy tonight on ABC. “The Final Frontier” takes on sci fi geekdom and all it entails when a murder goes down at a Comic-Con-like convention. You guys, this is must see. Castle playfully makes itself comfortable in this universe, but it also treats this setting with a reverence that is not always there when a show goes this route. So what transpires is an hour of pure fun. We’re kind of worshiping it right now. It’s definitely going to be on the immediate rewind and repeat list. Here’s what to expect without being super spoiler-y:

1. It’s going to be difficult to figure out who the biggest geek really is. To borrow the title of a classic Nikka Costa song, everybody got their something. How that relates to the characters on Castle is every single one of them takes turns channeling their inner nerd but in awesomely different ways. It makes big Comic Con-going geeks like us feel good. We felt right at home, actually. Well, except for the whole murder part, that is.

2. Expect tons of sci fi references, impressions and inside jokes. Instead of Comic-Con, Beckett and Castle find themselves at the SuperNovaCon. The episode is a pop culture smorgasboard that will satisfy anyone who is into this genre — the episode, of course, pays homage and has fun with various shows and movies. Be prepared for tons of Firefly, Star Wars and Star Trek references, to name a few. Pay attention all the way through to the last frame of the episode — let’s just say you should listen to everything going on in that scene.

3. The Beckett and Castle cuteness factor is high. Trust us on this one. Both Kate and Rick are notorious for having their fangirl and fanboy tendencies. Those tendencies are massively on display in “The Final Frontier.” This world brings out a playful side in Beckett while Castle is even more giddy than usual. The Caskett (a word which is canon now) adorable factor is high.

4. Father and daughter experience some strange frequency. There’s an awkward Alexis/Castle moment that ensues and it’s pretty funny. See for yourself:

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5. The guest stars are out of this world. There are tons of guest stars and they all do a great job. Our favorite has to be Ed Quinn (Eureka). He hilariously plays a douche of a has been actor that stays relevant and solvent by appearing at these conventions. Plus, Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame directs the appropriately titled “The Final Frontier” and makes a cameo. Please listen to the line he gets to utter — it’ll make Will Riker fans very happy.

Castle “The Final Frontier” airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC.

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