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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Beckett Believes in Castle, Castle “Probable Cause” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwight/ABC

It was an intense episode of Castle as the famed novelist was framed for a gruesome murder. All evidence against Rick kept piling up — everything just perfectly set him up. There was the video of “Castle” buying earrings at a jewelry story. One of those earrings ended up in the dead woman’s couch. The fake e-mails showing the two were having an affair. Castle’s computer was mysteriously wiped — the victim’s too. And, of course, his bag that happened to be full of supplies used to kill the woman. All of this went above and beyond in implicating the writer/investigator.

The whole thing played on his womanizing past. The alleged affair was supposed to have started two weeks after Beckett and Castle got together. That’s exactly how Jerry Tyson aka the Triple Killer aka 3XK wanted it to look. He hated Rick for ruining his plans to go underground so he could quietly reboot his serial killing ways.

And when Castle confronted Beckett with the story that Tyson framed him and that the brutal killer showed up at the precinct and confessed to it all — did Kate believe her significant other? Even though there was no proof the serial killer was ever there? You bet she did:

Rick: “I know. I sound crazy — a desperate story from a desperate man. Just like he wanted”
Kate: “You’re right, it does sound desperate. But it’s the first time that this story has made sense.”
Rick: “You believe me?”
Kate: “I never stopped.”

When Kate was crying to Lexie about the “affair” it wasn’t about doubt. It was about being afraid for Castle: “You should have seen him Lanie, he looked like a little boy he was so scared.” There was no way she would ever doubt Rick. They know each other too well. He’s no killer.

Some other moments I loved:

  • Everyone but Gates now knows about Beckett and Castle’s relationship. I’m totally cool with that. I’m so glad everyone knows.
  • Rick thanks Kate for believing in him.
  • Castle’s escape from holding was awesome.
  • After Tyson takes Kate captive on that bridge, Rick shoots the bejeezus out of him. I don’t know why but I love it when he gets to use a gun.

I do think Rick is right. Tyson simply (or not so simply) wanted a definitive way of disappearing so he could start killing again. They didn’t find his body so he’s still out there. I wish we got an even bigger reaction from Castle to the fact that 3XK invaded so much of his life to be able to set him up for murder. He was in his home and Castle never even knew it. He needs to be scared especially since the guy is MIA now. I also wish there had been more of Martha and Alexis in “Probable Cause.” But there wasn’t enough time. On the positive side, Gates didn’t seem to hate on Castle as much as she usually does. Maybe she’s softening.

Oh and that was Alexa Havins who played the victim’s roommate. Soap fans will recognize her as Babe from the now defunct daytime drama All My Children. Sci Fi fans may know her from her role in the most recent season of Torchwood called “Miracle Day.” She played Esther, an American woman who worked alongside Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper to save the world.

Castle airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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