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Covert Affairs Preview: “Man in the Middle” 

Photo Credit: USA Network

If you follow Covert Affairs‘ Chris Gorham on Twitter, you know that he directed an episode of the series a few weeks back. It’s in the can, and debuting tonight and the kind folks at USA gave us a sneak preview. No spoilers here, but a few teaser tidbits we can share with you:

  • It’s still not smooth sailing between Joan and Annie.
  • Auggie gets a blast from his past.
  • We learn a little more about Joan’s demons.
  • Nikita‘s new POTUS, Michelle Nolden, drops by (but not as the POTUS).
  • Annie has to question the motives of someone in her inner circle.

Gorham seems to have a good time in the director’s chair and he’s created some lovely set pieces, plus he gets to play with some nifty cool NCIS-type toys. He’s also fond of spending time on the faces of our characters, a nice touch since they’re all wearing a mask of some sort most of the time.

As for the story, it moves things ahead as Annie tries to find her footing again in the agency, and is caught in the politics of the CIA and Mossad. And she’s still trying some of the maneuvers that Lena taught her and finding out they don’t always work. Only four episodes left this season!

Covert Affairs airs Tuesday night at 10/9c on USA Network.

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