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Moment of Goodness

Everything Is In Dexter’s Control, Dexter “Run” 

Photo Credit: Showtime

My favorite scene from “Run” has to be Deb confronting Dexter about his “lifestyle choices”. Dexter thinks she might be in the mood to celebrate since she just managed to get a confession out of Speltzer. It’s a big win for Deb and the department and Dexter thinks Deb might want to grab a drink. Maybe he thinks this is the first step in putting their relationship back together. But Deb’s really not focused on that. She’s been thinking about Rita and wondering if Harrison can ever really be safe with a father like Dexter. The choices he makes will always affect the people he loves. Dexter thinks he’s the one who should be protecting Harrison – after all, he’s Harrison’s father. But Deb wants him safe, from Dexter.

Of course Dexter thinks he’s a good father. He thinks he’s the right person for the job when it comes to raising his son. Dexter thinks he’s uniquely qualified because he lost his mother at a young age as well. But can Harrison ever be safe considering his father is a serial killer? How long can he hide that from Harrison? How long before someone comes looking for Dexter and takes it out on his son? Or on Deb? But the best part of the scene has to be Dexter’s “I am the danger” moment. I loved that. I mean, he’s almost immediately proven wrong when Speltzer gets the jump on him but I do like Dexter’s confidence. I like that he thinks he can control it all. I like that he thinks he can see danger coming. But even he can’t predict who will come for him and when. And he’s about to find that out the hard way. I am a bit apprehensive about the Ukrainian mob storyline, especially after this episode. But I love Ray Stevenson so I’m more than willing to be patient and see where this goes.

I’m also ignoring the Deb’s-still-in-love-with-her brother stuff. I still don’t like it (revisit my rant from the end of last season if you need a refresher), but I do like that Deb is trying to help Dexter. I wish her luck with that. I really do.

Dexter airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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