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My “It Clicked” Episode: Revolution “Soul Train” 

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/NBC

OK, it’s time to call it. The fifth episode of the new NBC series, Revolution, is when the show finally clicked with me on all levels. Before “Soul Train,” I enjoyed aspects of the show. With this latest installment, creator Eric Kripke ramped up the drama, suspense and made everything infinitely more interesting. What I loved about the episode:

  • Miles continued to be flawed but wonderful at the same time. I don’t know how Billy Burke does it. We keep finding out all these awful things about his character. Miles had a major part in General Monroe’s reign of terror. In fact, he trained all of Monroe’s men to kill. He knows that Charlie and Danny’s mom, Rachel, is alive. Here’s the thing: he makes for a great reluctant hero. Will he ever achieve redemption? I’m excited to find out. Plus, we get to see Miles kick some serious butt along the way, sword in hand. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Charlie was only mildly annoying. I like the actress but the character — not as much. I feel bad for what she’s gone through. I sympathize for what she was to do and what she has to face but I’ve been getting tired of her not listening to anyone especially when they have her best interest at heart. In “Soul Train,” she once again ignored Miles’ order to stay back after finding Neville. Instead, she followed the brutal captain in the most clumsy way possible. Not shockingly, he easily got the drop on her, eliminating any element of surprise the group of four had. Even with that happening, I adore how Charlie doesn’t back down from a fight. She’s going to do anything to catch up with her brother. So I loved her going all badass to save Danny. Too bad the rescue attempt failed. I was cool with her getting all hardened at the end, too. It was bound to happen. Wonder if her new attitude will stick?
  • We finally got Neville’s backstory and it was pretty awesome how the vicious captain went from mild-mannered insurance adjuster to the hardcore killer and Danny pummeler we see before us today. He had a wife. And a kid. And at the time of the blackout he had just lost his job. You definitely got the sense that he was someone people walked all over. Good thing he took up boxing in his basement so when the blackout happened, he made the cold-hearted transition and he turned his son into a warrior as well. Speaking of which…
  • The Nate character didn’t get interesting until “Soul Train” when we found out he was really Neville’s son, Jason. Kudos to the show for reviving a character so quickly and in such a great way. He clearly doesn’t believe in the brutality that his dad shows on a daily basis. And he has a soft spot for Charlie. I wasn’t feeling a Charlie/Nate connection before. But now that we’re more clear on his real identity, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship (or, you know, more than a friendship). He saved her from his dad’s wrath. Something tells me Neville didn’t appreciate that at all.
  • Anytime you can show Elizabeth Mitchell it’s a good thing. I would like to get to know her story even more. That is all.
  • I thought Danny was going to annoy me but he hasn’t. The kid has some sass to him. He took a beating admirably — courtesy of Neville — he spotted Charlie right away on the train and he had no problem doing what he needed to do in order to aid his own rescue. Like I said before, too bad it, ultimately, didn’t work. This way, however, he’s going to get to see his mom. I can’t wait for that moment.
Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/NBC
  • Kim Raver guest starred. TV fans will know her from a million shows including: Third Watch, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Lipstick Jungle and The Nine. I like the way this show hires high profile actors (Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, Tim Guinee, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mark Pellegrino etc.). Keep them coming. I loved seeing Raver play Neville’s wife. I look forward to seeing more of her. And I don’t usually say that about the actress.
  • We knew that the weird pendant Ben gave Aaron to hold onto was integral to whatever was behind this energy outage. Finding out there are twelve of them out there and together they hold the answers was beyond cool. Maybe because I’m a fan of Eric Kripke’s other show — Supernatural — and on that show, I always wanted the amulet Sam gave Dean to mean something epic. So I’m excited about this whole search for the pendants on Revolution. It also means that Aaron will become more integral, at least for a little bit, since he is the keeper of one of them.
  • There were interactions that I couldn’t get enough of like Miles vs. Neville as well as Miles and Charlie. When she reminisced about remembering her uncle when she was four, I loved that.

“Soul Train was a crackling good episode from beginning to end. I hope the awesomeness continues. Too bad we’re going to have to wait two weeks for a new one to come along. Boo.

Revolution airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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