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Covert Affairs Preview: “Rock N Roll Suicide” 

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/USA Network

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

After a brief hiatus, Covert Affairs is back tonight with a run of new episodes. I think I’ve already mentioned how much I’m enjoying season 3 so far. In fact, I feel like the show is slowly becoming must see TV for me – great, gripping storytelling, interesting character dynamics, and (always) great locations. Where we left off: Annie shot and killed Lena and knows she needs to flee the country immediately.

As you can tell from the picture above, Oded Fehr‘s Eyal Lavin is back and scheduled to appear in the next five or six episodes. I’ve always loved Annie and Eyal’s interactions, so I’m quite excited about this development. It’s nice (well, a relief really) to see Eyal looking out for his friend when all seems lost. I’ll leave the details of the rescue operation vague so you can enjoy the episode, but there are some teases that don’t give too much away:

  • We get to see Annie at the top of her game. That woman has serious skills, even under extreme duress.
  • Eyal has a bit of trouble reigning Annie in (but who doesn’t?) and they have to go a bit off-mission, but their first face-to-face encounter is [TOO SPOILER-Y TO REVEAL].
  • Even in death, Simon is still making his presence felt in Annie’s life. I like it.

And a random question:

  • What is going on with Joan? Something happens that is mostly puzzling and a little surprising. I’m so curious to see where this turn of events leads us.

I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did. I’ll definitely be watching it again.

Covert Affairs returns tonight at 10/9c on USA Network.

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