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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Carrie Finds Out She Was Right About Brody, Homeland “State of Independence” 

Photo Credit: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

Season 2 of Showtime’s Emmy-winning series, Homeland, has continued to excel. We’re only three episodes in and each and every one of them have been mind-blowing and suspenseful as well as acting tours de force. This series is seriously threatening to ruin every other show out there for me because it is that good.

At first, it was difficult to select one standout Moment of Goodness since in any given episode, there are at least five or six. “State of Independence” was no different — there were several scenes that compelled me to abandon my laptop so I could simply concentrate on the engrossing drama at hand.

But once the end of the episode came, it all became clear. Saul shows up at Carrie’s door not too long after the damaged woman tried to kill herself. She had downed a bunch of her pills, chased it with a couple glasses of wine, then had the good enough sense to achieve buyer’s remorse. She rushed to her bathroom and promptly threw up everything she had just swallowed. Bonus — at least for Carrie — nobody knows what she did, how desperate she had become.

If she had been successful, then she would never have found out she was right about Brody all along. So, Saul showing up at Carrie’s house was truly significant. He had recently had a close call of his own when trying to leave Lebanon. Beirut airport Security detained him and searched his briefcase. They found a memory chip hidden away, but, thankfully, it wasn’t THE memory chip. This allowed for what was such a satisfying scene.

Saul gave Carrie the chip and told her that he wanted her to see this first before he showed anyone at the CIA. He knew what a big moment this was for her. He handed over the chip and sat back to watch her reaction to seeing Brody basically admit he was a terrorist in the recording:

Carrie: “I was right.”
Saul: “You were right.”
Carrie: “I was right.”

No one believed her about Brody. And then she had a breakdown. She received shock treatment. Lost her job. Was temporarily lured back in because of her relationship with an informant. She did her job well, even though Abu Nazir wasn’t captured or killed. She wrote an 18-page report yet wasn’t allowed to debrief her former CIA colleagues. She almost overdosed. And it’s because of her that the CIA now has intel on an enemy in their midst.

Carrie finally being validated was a triumphant moment. The show handled it quietly and recent Emmy winner, Claire Danes, was magnificent. I’m anxious to find out what happens next. Plus, in the same episode in which Carrie learns the truth about Brody, the newbie Congressman turns into a killer on domestic soil. This show constantly feeds my appetite for drama, emotion and character-driven action. Mix in the stellar performances from the cast and it all adds up to being one of the best shows on TV.

Homeland airs Sundays on Showtime at 10/9c.

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