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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Nathan Takes Jordan’s Hand, Haven “Over My Head” 

Photo credit: Michael Tompkins/Syfy

I’m generally not one for interlopers on my beloved shows, but I’m OK with letting people in if it lightens the workload a little so my peoples don’t burn out. Haven has fleshed out its third season by almost doubling the cast. We have a new therapist, a new detective, and tonight, a member of the mysterious Guard who bears the tattoo Nathan hastily marked himself with in a bid to protect Audrey.

Jordan (Kate Kelton) is a diner waitress and Guard member whom Nathan reaches out to at the suggestion of the Teagues. The diner is a HUGE nod to Twin Peaks, down to the wink, wink coffee and pie references and the music in the background. I will admit to rolling my eyes at first. The first time Nathan meets Jordan, she’s not buying what he’s selling but he makes enough of an impression that she invites him back after hours.

And that’s when our Moment of Goodness happens. They chit chat over an 18-year old single malt and Nathan tells her the secret that he’s a second-generation tattoo wearer and that he’s not a biological Wuornos, something she and The Guard didn’t know. She then shares her own secret, when he asks her about the black gloves that are a permanent part of her wardrobe. She takes one off and stretches out her fingers as she tells him that her hands are weapons, capable of inflicting great pain. She admits it’s been ages since she could touch someone.

Nathan startles her when he grabs her hand in both of his and holds it without saying a word. She tears up and pretty much stops breathing as she realizes he can’t feel anything and he tells her that’s his trouble. She asks for her hand back, and he tells her she can trust him if he’ll show her how he can make her believe that. She asks if the police or Audrey know what he’s doing, and he lies as he tells her “no,” that it’s personal, and releases her hand. He smiles at her in that way he usually reserves for Audrey (and Lucas Bryant has some ridiculous GQ lighting during this scene).

He gets this woman, and with this tiny gesture of taking her hand in his, he did for her what Audrey did for him–he found a connection. Whether it was genuine or manipulation, we don’t know yet, but it works. She says she’ll talk to her people and he thanks her, still smiling. Then she really is breathless as she takes a massive belt of her Scotch.

I definitely do not want Audrey and Nathan apart this season, but I get that putting a clock on her imposes certain limitations on them, for at least a little while, because they’re both so damn stubborn. I hope we get them back on the same page soon enough. (I really was kind of hoping Nathan would be the one to come in on a sleeping Audrey there in the last scene. Time is short, y’all.)

For now, I’m OK if he’s a little flirty with someone else. At the end of it, everything he is doing is for Audrey anyway. I just hope he doesn’t get (too far) in over his head (pun intended).

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