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Reality Fix

Reality Fix: Top 3 Performances, The Voice “The Battles: Parts 1 and 2” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

[Warning: Spoilers for this week’s episodes of The Voice]

OK, I have a new favorite phase of The Voice. I used to worship the Blind Auditions. The show had me at the swiveling of those big chairs. But after the first two episodes of the Battle Rounds? There’s a new sheriff in town. With the added awesomeness of “the steal,” I am now going to be highly addicted to watching the singers duet and duel for their lives at the same time.

When any given battle is completed, the judge/mentor names the winner. And, now, the so-called “loser” is up for grabs. Any of the remaining team leaders can snatch the singer left out in the cold. So far, I think Adam’s done the best job with his first steal (each judge gets two of them).

Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

On the first night of the battle round, Adam stole backup singer Amanda Brown. CeeLo pitted two powerhouse talents against each other (Amanda Brown vs.Trevin Hunte). He underestimated Amanda’s skills leaving Adam to capitalize on CeeLo’s ridiculous move to pair these two up. The second the superstar chose Trevin, the Maroon 5 frontman pounced and snagged Amanda for his own team. Right now, I’m not sure why two judges (CeeLo and Blake) went after Colin McLoughlin. Who knows. Maybe, in the future knockout round, he’ll show me why it was a wise decision to steal him after Adam selected Bryan Keith.

Which of the battles made me rewind and repeat immediately? Here’s my top 3:

#1 Amanda Brown vs Trevin Hunte “Vision of Love” (from “The Battles, Part 1”)

One of the best battles ever. And the fact that Amanda made CeeLo regret ever picking these two to go up against each other is a beautiful thing. He was pretty open about why he chose Amanda and, consequently, he was pretty open about how he had no faith in her. She was a throwaway basically. And CeeLo had to eat his words. I loved the action after the singing duel was over just as much as I liked their version of Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.” The steal was exciting with all three remaining leaders vying for Amanda. Team Adam won. So great.

#2 De’Borah vs. Nelly’s Echo “Message in a Bottle” (from “The Battles, Part 1”)

De’Borah is de’lightful, isn’t she? I can’t get enough of her personality. She didn’t really know this Police song at all but she kind of made it her bitch. She sang the hell out of the classic hit, put her own spin on it and walked away the winner of the battle. I thought Nelly’s Echo did a great job too. Although, at first, I didn’t understand why Christina was saying he did too much with the song. But going back to watch the performance again, I figured out Ms. Aguilera was right. He did do too much, especially during the first half of the song. And he did have some pitch-y moments. However, I like how the two sounded together but the clear champ was the ever quirky and unique De’Borah. So glad she’s still in the competition.

#3 Cody Belew vs. DOMO “Telephone” (from “The Battles, Part 2”)

I thought this was a good rendition of the Lady Gaga/Beyonce tune but why it made my rewind and repeat list is because of Cody. He positively Belew me away (sorry for the painful pun). He’s a country boy but he committed 150% to this song. And, as a result, I had a fun time watching the performance. His dancing was a little bit goofy but completely charming and cute and I didn’t expect him to be able to pull it off at all. But he did. And, while DOMO did a good job, I don’t think she was great. CeeLo made the right choice.

The Battle Round continues next week when The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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