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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Duke Tells Audrey About the Clock, Haven “Stay” 

Photo credit: Syfy

When we chatted with the Haven cast last month, Emily Rose mentioned that Audrey would have a clock on her this season. In “Stay,” we learned exactly what that is, and her reaction was heartbreaking, and I hope, just a snap reaction that she’ll rethink.

After the whirlwind of the not-zombies but dogs-as-people activity of the episode, things slowed down when Duke very gently broke it to her that he’d discovered how Sarah and Lucy had reset. Each time, it occurred in conjunction with a recurring meteor storm named “The Hunter,” and the next one is coming in 49 days.

As he finishes telling her, Nathan drives up, and Duke touches her arm before he walks away. Then Nathan walks up, completely clueless about what she’s just been told. What made this a moment of goodness for me was the very soft, sweet way Duke told her, and that he finishes and walks away to leave her with Nathan, whom she can’t tell.

That sets up the third season as a countdown of sorts, and Audrey, who’s only had six months in Haven (according to what she said in the premiere), now has to face all of it going away very, very soon. Her first reaction is to surrender the dog she’d decided to keep.

As she hands him off to a father and son while eliciting a promise that they treat him better than their previous dog, Nathan asks Audrey why she had the change of heart and she doesn’t tell him, but she looks at him like the dog won’t be the only one she’s surrendering.

I hope, hope, hope, that’s not what’s coming and that she or Duke tells Nathan what’s up fairly quickly. This is what sometimes pains me about Nathan–that he doesn’t ask the follow up question or push harder. If he and Audrey are going to progress as a relationship, they both have to start completing their sentences or demanding a complete answer from each other. Especially now that we know time is short.

I liked that Duke was the one to tell Audrey since their family history has lent itself to them being arch enemies. I also like that he’s working really, really hard to be a good guy for her. Regardless of whether he might be pining for her underneath it all, he does his best to be her friend.
Episode three of the new season of Haven airs tonight on Syfy at 10 pm/9c and repeats at midnight/11c. If you missed “Stay,” you can catch it online at

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