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Reality Fix

Reality Fix: Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Week 2 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Bye, Bye, Bye… another All-Star (for the people who get that, I had to go there!)  How great is the dancing this season?  It’s like watching the finals every week. The highest score of Monday night was from Sabrina and Louie. Everyone remembers how Sabrina was booted off the show way to early. She is fighting and working harder to make that mirror ball trophy hers. As I mentioned in my last blog, I thought it was a bit unfair that some people got the same partner and others didn’t. But after this week’s elimination I don’t think it really matters.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

(SPOILER ALERT)  Tonight Joey Fatone (get it: bye, bye, bye?  Yeah, I’m a dork) and his original partner, Kym Johnson, had their last dance of the competition. Last time, he was the runner up.  It’s no joke: anything can happen (And I mean anything!). No matter who goes home it will be a shock.

Len told the contestants last night they have to step up their game next week (Isn’t every week going to have to be that?  Just saying…) The judges want to see things that no one has done before. And Tom Bergeron announced on the results show that next week, two couples will be eliminated!  No pressure. I have a feeling there will be some assistants filling prescriptions tomorrow. Xanax anyone?

P.S.  On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, two of the characters were looking at a TV during a scene and on the screen was a clip of Kelly Monaco [Sam, GH] dancing from the first  DWTS show. One of the characters, Carly, (yes, I watch too much television) said, “Doesn’t she look like… you know?” I thought that was so great. I love soaps and I hope Sam gets her baby back…and that Jason helps her finds the baby……but that’s for another day…

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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