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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Sadness: Dani’s Death, Alphas “The Devil Will Drag You Under” 

Photo Credit: Russ Martin/Syfy

[Warning: Spoilers for this week’s Alphas episode]

OK, did anyone watch this week’s Alphas? If you haven’t yet, you need to rectify that matter pronto. Season 2 of the Syfy show has been beyond good. And “The Devil Will Drag You Under” is easily one of the best episodes of the series. It all culminated in what was a heartbreaking death.

It was a bold move to kill off Dr. Rosen’s daughter, Dani. But it was something that definitely needed to happen no matter how much I wanted her to live. We’ve constantly been told how Stanton Parish is a bad guy. And now we’ve witnessed exactly how bad. He is capable of shattering people’s lives, as we saw at the end of this episode.

The immortal one arranged for a load of energy grenades to be stolen — the plan was to turn those grenades into a gigantic bomb, park them near a major power hub and watch NYC fall to its proverbial knees. When Dani and Cameron realized Stanton can set off the bomb from a remote location, Dani decided to call him and stall so Gary could do his thing and stop the impending tragedy from happening. Because an explosion like that, according to Rachel, will “carry straight into Manhattan. A million people could die.”

Dani and Parish had a conversation where she told him she is finally standing up for what she believes. What she wanted was to stop him from killing people all in the name of his plan to help out a world that will — in the not too distant future — be unable to sustain the massive population that exists. This was his way of “culling the herd” sooner rather than later. And while he was proud of her conviction, that didn’t stop him from triggering the bomb. Dani is sacrificed for the cause. Gary may have managed to “save the world” but the earth just shattered for Rosen and Cameron. The two are devastated.

I loved how Nina tried to “push” Dani to live but her powers weren’t able to save her. No one was able to save her. It was kind of weird to see all these powerful alphas standing around helpless. There was a moment at the end where Dani seemed to transfer her emotions to Nina — maybe Nina will be able to convey to Dani’s father and boyfriend exactly what she was feeling for them at the time of her death. That may represent some sort of closure for both of them. However, I imagine they won’t be feeling any type of closure until they can get some sort of revenge on Parish for murdering Dani.

I’m looking forward to seeing the impact Dani’s death has on the Alphas landscape. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to characters (and the actors that play them) but when there’s a ton of story that accompanies such a plot development, I’m all for it.

Alphas airs Mondays on Syfy at 8/7c.

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