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TV Goodness Preview: Haven Season Three Premiere 

Photo credit: Syfy

NOTE: Season premiere is discussed but no specific major plot points are revealed.

Y’all already know how crazy nuts I am about Haven, and it’s been a particularly long and winding year (yes, a full year) since we last left that beloved little offbeat town, and when we return tonight, we pick up right where we left them. The premiere is a bit procedural by necessity because there are essential things that have to happen, and they do. Be patient.

We also get the setup for this season’s arc in the mystery of Lucy and the Colorado Kid, Duke’s Trouble, Nathan’s tattoo, and in the second episode, new information on what triggered the identity reset from Lucy to Audrey.

Without giving too much away, I can tease you with these:

  • All of the principals appear in the premiere, and all are in the same room before the end of the hour.
  • Nobody has amnesia (the closer we got to the premiere I really did worry this was a possibility and that I might harm my television).
  • The change in the Nathan and Audrey relationship is acknowledged.
  • The first two episodes each have individual Troubles.
  • Dwight cut his hair!

Check out our part one and two of our interview with the cast for more tidbits about this season. We’re so glad it’s here!

Haven airs tonight at 10pm/9c on Syfy and repeats at midnight/11c.

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