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TV Goodness Chats with Haven’s Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, and Eric Balfour [Part 1] 

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NOTE: General season three discussion follows. No specific major plot points are revealed.

We recently had a chance to chat with Haven stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, and Eric Balfour and were delighted to find out they love their show as much as we do. We talked about what to expect in the third season, the evolving love triangle—but not in the way that you think, learning more about their characters, and shooting in Nova Scotia.  It was such a great chat that we’re bringing it to you in two parts.

First up, they all adore each other. Our call was peppered with Rose joking that they were all in a room hugging and kissing on each other. Let that blow your mind for a minute. The season premiere, which airs tomorrow at 10 pm/9c on Syfy, picks right up with the boys at each other’s throats and Balfour and Bryant said any excuse for them to roll around on the floor with each other is a good day.

Bryant teases that Balfour throws like a girl but because Nathan doesn’t feel anything, neither does he. “[It] was lot of fun to get to do,” he says. “We weren’t sure if it would be us or stunt doubles initially and it ended up that we got to do most of it. Balfour gets flirty, adding “Any excuse I can [find] to be squeezing, holding, grabbing, touching Lucas is great.” Bryant says that affection is mutual.

Turning serious, they agree that mechanics are key to fight scenes because they don’t want to hurt each other. Rose weighed in that she’s jealous they get to wear their war wounds afterward whereas Audrey is always still pristine no matter what she’s been through.

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As for that triangle, each has their own theories. “Something that’s really special about Nathan and Audrey is their relationship as friends,” says Balfour. “So it’s a tricky situation to explore anything beyond that. I think the writers have done a great job of always sort of teasing with those possibilities but maintaining that mutual friend respect underneath it all. And this year, I think they found very interesting ways to maybe satisfy some fan urges without….messing up the characters’ basic relationship.”

He also thinks of the Nathan and Duke relationship as part of that triangle. “I like to think of [it] as sort of like When Harry Met Sally. [We’re] now sort of in the second act [when] I think they’ve probably…slept together at this point but it was a little awkward and they’re going to have to now realize how much they actually mean to each other,” he jokes.

“At the core of this show, it really is about this love story and this triangle between these three characters and about the different relationships that [Audrey] has to these two men. And they sort of represent different components of her own personality, if it’s okay for me to say that…I think it’s going to be incredibly exciting for the viewers this year [because] the love triangle is really going to just be like a rubber band. And it’s going to expand and contract and move and grow and cause riffs and strifes and it really is dynamic this season.”

Rose says the triangle must exist. “[This season], Audrey [has] a large sort of mission that gets put in front of her and that affects the way she sees and views her relationships and how she’s going to handle them,” she says. “So that kind of messes with the communication and the way that everything [happens] as well because she’s trying to figure out how to protect the people she loves as well as be true to [them] as well as love them and love them well. And she tries to figure out what that looks like.”

All three say that journey will have an equally significant effect on Audrey, Nathan, and Duke. “As people watch this season they’re going to see things happen to these characters and between these characters that they never imagined,” says Balfour. [This] season, Duke is going to have [to] really decide who he wants to be in this world and he’s going to get pushed to the limit and has to make some really tough choices about who he wants to be in this town and in this world and to these two people in life.”

Bryant says this will be the season that Nathan nuts up. “Nathan has a lot more ability to find his private parts and strap them on than he might’ve necessarily known,” he says.” That’s maybe a crude way to say it but, it’s the truth.”

Rose adds that Audrey is “facing some really, really dark, dark, dark, questions regarding who she is and there’s a sort of a clock in play. So, it’s really, really hard and I think she’s in a really, really hard place all season. It’s not a fun place for her to be in mentally,” she says. Rose is very glad that we’re at a point where the show is answering the questions it’s posed for two seasons. “It’s neat to…finally have a season where some of those things are addressed or directly asked and to see what kind of answers are given. [It’s] really, really interesting.”

Check back tomorrow for part two and a sneak peek of the premiere.

Haven returns to Syfy Friday morning with a season two marathon beginning at 8 am/7c and the premiere airs at 10pm/9c and repeats at midnight/11c.

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