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TV Ties News: Supernatural Alums to Reunite on the Big Screen 

Photo Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Here’s some exciting news for Supernatural fans. The young versions of Mary and John Winchester are together again. Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen are reuniting on the big screen in a film called Evicted. The upcoming movie tells the story of a morally bankrupt TV producer [Gumenick] who discovers she’s being evicted from existence. Cohen plays her boyfriend.

“This is going to be a great female-driven, family film,” Evicted director Brendan Raher said, “in the spirit of It’s a Wonderful Life and with the humor of Scrooged. I couldn’t have hoped for a better cast for my first film. People who loved Amy and Matt on Supernatural will be thrilled to see them back together.”

Amy Gumenick

This is Amy’s first leading role in a film so we’re excited she’s playing opposite Matt once again. After all, their chemistry was quite evident in their two episodes of Supernatural  – “In the Beginning” and “The Song Remains the Same.”

2008’s “In the Beginning” is arguably one of the best episodes of the CW series. Castiel sends Dean back in time where he connects with the man and woman who would become his parents. The Jeremy Carver-episode is known for showing how the yellow-eyed demon started targeting the Winchesters and surprising everyone with the knowledge that Mary and her family were hunters.

Both Gumenick and Cohen have become fan favorites in the Supernatural universe. Who knows? Once Evicted finishes filming, maybe Carver, now that he’s the new Supernatural showrunner, can somehow or someway figure out how to get these two back on the show.

Evicted begins production in November of this year and will shoot entirely in San Francisco. Raher Brothers Productions is co-producing the movie with Lucky Dragon Productions with hopes for a 2013 release.

How excited are you guys to know that Amy and Matt will be starring in a movie together?

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