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Haven Season 2: Top 3 Essential Episodes 

We’re two weeks away from the return of Haven! To whet our appetites, Syfy has released a new preview (above) and the season two DVDs hit store shelves this week, which means you can a) grab them on sale and b) catch up before the season premiere.

While all of the second season was outstanding across the board, there a few must-see episodes you should check out before the show returns to Syfy at 10 pm/9c on the 21st.

Photo Credit: Syfy

“A Tale of Two Audreys”

This one picks right up at the closing moments of the first season finale (which, if you haven’t seen, get on that) and opens the door on one of the arcs for the second season–who Audrey really is and how she fits into the town lore. And it broadens the relationship between Audrey and Nathan following his reveal that he can feel her when she touches him.

Photo Credit: Syfy

“Business As Usual”

This one has a love story about people who can’t touch as a sort of variation on where Audrey and Nathan are, but when Nathan’s offline detective work gets him an answer for Audrey about Lucy Ripley, she finally puts it on the table who he is to her. Also–it marks a watershed for the folks who are Troubled when they express the desire to organize themselves.

Photo Credit: Syfy

“Sins of the Fathers”

You have to see this one before the premiere because it sets up everything about season three. Just wait until the afternoon of the 21st to watch it because, well, CLIFFHANGER.

Photo Credit: Syfy

Bonus episode: I love, love, love the closing minutes of “Audrey Parker’s Day Off,” a decidedly dark rewind episode where Audrey has to keep saving the men in her life.

We can’t wait for season three! I’ve seen the first two (very strong) episodes, and we had a chance to chat with series stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, and Eric Balfour, and producer Lloyd Segan yesterday and we’ll be bringing those preview treats to you soon.

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