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Moment of Goodness

Daphne Fights For Her Job, Switched at Birth “This is the Color of My Dreams” 

Photo Credit: ABC Family

So much good stuff happened in this fall season premiere. There are a lot of interesting developments – some good, some not so good. For me the most compelling issue is whether or not Daphne should be allowed to work in a kitchen. My moment(s) of goodness from the episode are watching her fight for her job. But let’s back up. Daphne’s been looking for a part-time job for quite some time now. The problem is that as soon as potential employers find out she’s deaf, she’s out of the running. 12 interviews that go nowhere is a lot to deal with – especially when trying to get your first job. So Daphne does something she usually never does; she asks for help. Kathryn’s connections manage to get Daphne right past the interview and straight into a job. She’ll now be working in the kitchen of Justin Bruening‘s Chef Jeff Reycraft. Of course he’s hot, of course he’s arrogant. Would we really want to any other way?

And of course the problems start almost immediately. Daphne gets into trouble on the second day when she can’t quite read the chef’s lips and from there things quickly go downhill. She can’t hear a warning called out behind her back and sends a pan of food flying to the floor. One of her colleagues offers to help her, but Daphne gets demoted to dishwasher. But she’s not going to let that get her down for long. As she tells Kathryn, “I cry. I pout. I feel sorry for myself. And then I handle it. On my own.” I love that Daphne doesn’t need or want anyone else to fight her battles. Of course I understand that Kathryn wants to protect her daughter and be there for her now since she wasn’t able to be there for her in the past. But this battle – in one form or another – is a battle Daphne will be waging all her life. And I love that Daphne knows how to handle herself and she won’t let the opinions or actions of others stop her from doing what she wants to do. Are there going to be challenges? Of course, but anything worth having is worth fight for.

I don’t know how realistic something like this is, but I love that the show is taking us on this journey. Daphne wants to be a chef and in order to do that she has to get as much experience in a kitchen as possible. Would someone like Daphne be allowed in a kitchen like this? I don’t know, but I like that we see her following her dreams and trying to fit in. I like that at least one person in the kitchen has accepted her the way she is and wants to work with her. I like that Daphne is making small changes in the kitchen to make it safer for her to work there. I’m very curious to see where this goes. I really hope she’s successful, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she deals with the challenges of this kitchen as they arise.

Switched at Birth airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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