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Necessary Roughness Summer Finale Preview: Callie Thorne Interview + What to Expect 

Necessary Roughness "All The King's Horses" (7)
Photo Credit: Wilford Harewood/USA Network


It’s the end of the summer and the end of this portion of Necessary Roughness season 2. Here are eight things to expect from the summer finale “All the King’s Horses”:

Synopsis: As the Hawks season opener nears, Dani (Callie Thorne), TK (Mehcad Brooks), and the team teeter on the precipice of disaster. Who will come crashing down?

  • Hawks owner Marshall Pittman comes back into play in a big, big way.
  • TK’s near tragedy incites the team do something drastic. Let’s just say he deals with it in his own messed up TK way.
  • Matty D has to fight for his job. How far is he willing to go to keep from getting fired?
  • Ray J’s fantasy football scheme hits a very bumpy road. Very bumpy. Extremely bumpy.
  • TK resorts to a different method of transportation to get out of his current situation.
  • Dr. Dani and Nico spend a lot of quality time together dealing with those missing tapes, TK and more.
  • Guest Stars include Amy Pietz (Caroline in the City, The Nine Lives of Chloe King) and Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos, Detroit 1-8-7)
  • I really love the ending. Really love. It’s not a huge cliffhanger. It’s a juicy moment that’s going to make you wish the rest of the season would just start tomorrow. That’s all.

TV Goodness recently took part in a press call with Necessary Roughness star Callie Thorne. Here’s some of what we learned:

Necessary Roughness "All The King's Horses" (8)
Photo Credit: Wilford Harewood/USA Network

Callie on tonight’s season finale:

  • It’s about the forks in life, and that there’s no right or wrong, it’s just the way that you handle yourself and following the truth that you find yourself in. And that’s just struggle. That’s hard to do, but it makes everything that much more worth it.

Callie on Dani’s love life. There’s Matt and there’s Nico in the mix too:

  • I love it, I love it, I love it, because you know, that is – that idea of Matt being this very, you know, he is the solid good man do right, and you know, he’s like a hug, do you know what I mean? He’s like a delicious, romantic hug, and then Nico is the bad boy that you can’t figure out and all you want to do is figure him out, which of course, you know, is just as sexy as, you know the good guy.
  • And I was very excited that the writers leaned a little bit more towards the triangle because I want to know, as Callie, I want to know where, or you know, what she’s going to do and how she’s going to do it. And so if it’s that much more exciting it’s making me as an actress be like, come on guys, give me a little hint, because sometimes you don’t want to know the end result as an actress, and there are times when you’re just a fan yourself.

Callie on whether she is Team Matt or Team Nico:

  • I’m split as a fan because it literally happens scene to scene. Like if I’m a scene with Marc Blucas, I’m like, oh, she’s got to end up with Matt, she has to. And then if I’m doing a scene with Scott Cohen, I’m like, always thinking, oh, no, no, no, she’s got to be with the guy that, you know, she’s got to try and put together like a puzzle. We joke a lot about it on set, you know, there’s a lot of teasing. There’s a lot of joking. Even with the crew, and, you know, it helps to make the day more fun for sure.

Callie on the way the summer finale ends:

  • We were all very excited to be and to have the show take this particular tone for a finale, and that, you know, because we – the idea that we want to audience to try and figure out along with us was part of our – part of the M.O.
  • And, because whether or not something ends with a gunshot or, you know, with this gigantic, heightened level of fear, excitement, love, whatever it is, we wanted to keep everything really grounded in reality and not have it necessarily be something soap operaish, but much more developed in the big choices in life, the game changers.

Callie on Dani’s relationship with TK and the actor who plays him — Mehcad Brooks:

  • Well the relationship between T.K. and Dani is – because it is the central thing, that from the beginning of the show, from the pilot, T.K. is the character that really connects to everybody. Sometimes people say that my character is who connects everybody within our world, but more often, I feel like it’s T.K. and, because he holds so much an amazing spot in her heart, I think that, especially when we get to shoot those scenes, Mehcad and I, we also have a very different and separate and special friendship I think that was developed in the pilot.
  • He [Mehcad] and I really got on from the get-go and we have the same drive to tell a good story within the show, but we laugh and laugh and laugh. We have such the same sense of humor and he can break me in a scene faster than most people I know. I try to pride myself on no matter what’s going on, I’m not breaking, but, man, Mehcad will come up with the craziest improvs, and because – and it doesn’t matter, like sometimes I’ll just have to walk off camera, I’ll have to walk off set and go compose myself, but because of that chemistry that we have as friends, I think that it comes across on camera.
  • And whether it’s you know, a parental connection that Dani has with him, or whether it is just, it can’t be categorized because it’s – he’s never met a woman like Dani and she’s never met a man like him, and so I think that there is this real sense of trust and there is a real sense of being — well, previous to where we find ourselves now, there has always been a place where they can let, and especially T.K., let his defense down.

Are you guys Team Matty or Team Nico? How scared are you for where TK is right now? How much further do you think he’ll spiral down? What kind of trouble will Ray J get into? Tune into tonight’s summer finale of Necessary Roughness airing on USA Network at 10/9c.

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