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Suits Preview: “Asterisk” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network


Tonight is the last episode before next week’s summer finale, which we’re already having major anxiety about. We certainly don’t want to say goodbye to Suits just yet. After all, the show is having an excellent second season. The last two episodes, in particular, have been intense and riveting and we don’t see that particular pattern ending any time soon.

Hardman has turned the tables on Pearson. The vote for managing partner — apparently — is going to come down to one Louis Litt, if the promo is to be believed.

Let’s discuss this for a moment. How in the world is Louis going to vote for Jessica like he should? The managing partner hasn’t treated Louis very well, has she? I can understand why Litt would actually be swayed to the dark side (re: Hardman), especially if Hardman’s dangling the senior partner carrot over his head. Louis deserves the promotion but does he really want it to come like this? Also, Harvey knows that Louis and his dictaphone purposefully recorded a damning conversation about hiding the Coastal Motors mess from Hardman. Of course, Louis ran to Hardman with the news. Last we heard, Harvey said Louis owes him. So we know Specter’s going to try and collect. It’s so great that everything comes down to Louis. Rick Hoffman, like everyone this season, has been killing it. Tonight, he’s definitely going to get another chance to shine. Hoffman’s real life parents — Gail and Charlie Hoffman guest star. Can’t. Wait.

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

The USA Synopsis for “Asterisk”: Harvey’s tasked with closing the one person whose vote will decide Pearson Hardman’s future.

First, Harvey’s been a bit of a bully all season long. Is he going to try to close Louis using aggressive tendencies? Or is he going to act against character and finesse his Pearson Hardman rival? Let’s forget Louis for a second. How long is it going to take Harvey to get Donna back? This needs to happen sooner rather than later. But based on the clip below, don’t know if that’s going to happen.

How great was this clip? Donna’s still steaming mad at Harvey, but more importantly, they need to provide more info on this “one time” they mentioned. And we’re not going to lie, we want to know more about that dinner party too. Oh and Donna tackles the “is she in love with Harvey” question head on. Is she telling the truth about her feelings for Harvey? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tune in to a new episode of Suits tonight. “Asterisk” airs at 10/9c on USA Network.

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