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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Teen Wolf “Master Plan” 

Photo Credit: MTV

Episode: “Master Plan”
Writer: Jeff Davis

  • “McCall. We need you on the team, okay?”
  • “I mean, I-I know I yell at you a lot but it’s not like I hate you guys. Well, I kind of hate Greenberg but…you know, that’s different. It’s Greenberg. I’m just saying we…we need you on the team. Get your grades back up.”
  • “We’re going to find him by scent?” “Yeah, we both are.” “But how come you get his shirt and I get his shoe?”
  • “Holy Sh–” “Shhhhh…”
  • “Because Scott can find me, all right? He knows my scent. It’s pungent, you know? It’s more like a stench.”
  • “Scott McCall finds his best friend bloodied and beaten to a pulp. How does that sound?” “I think I might prefer more of a still life landscape, you know? What are you — 90? I can probably kick your ass up and down this room.”
  • “I’m going to go with Scott on this one. Have you seen his mom? She’s gorgeous.” (all in sync) “Shut up!”
  • “Who is he?” “He’s Peter, Derek’s uncle. A little while back he tried to kill us all, and then we set him on fire and Derek slashed his throat.” “Hi.”
  • “Aren’t you gonna tell me what happened at the game?” “Didn’t you hear? We won.” “I meant Jackson.” “So did I.”
  • “Oh, God, are we gonna do this? Yeah, we’re gonna do this, okay.”
  • “What is that, a book?” “No. It’s a laptop. What century are you living in?”
  • “They say he’s in some kind of transparent casing made from the venom coming out of his claws.” “That sounds sufficiently terrifying.”
  • “You’re alone.” “More than you know.”
  • “Then can you let us go?” “No. My car’s faster.”
  • “A flat-screen TV?” “Yeah, that I’m definitely returning.”
  • “That has wings.” “I can see that.”
  • Look, somebody actually made an animation out of it. Maybe it’s less frightening if we…Nope, not at all.”
  • “You weren’t just MVP of the game. You were a hero.” “No, I’m not a hero, dad.” “You were last night.”
  • “Someone certainly enjoys making an entrance.”
  • “What did you do?” “Everyone said Gerard always had a plan. I had a plan too.”
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Because you might be an Alpha but you’re not mine.”
  • “A key to your house? Already?” “Well, it’s not a wedding ring.” “So you’re just making me a more accessible late-night booty call.” “Late night…late afternoon…late morning…”
  • “Scott, I’m trying to break up with you.” “I know. And it’s okay.” “How is that okay?” “Because I can wait.” “I can’t make you wait for me, I’m not going to do that.” “You don’t have to. Because I know we’re gonna be together.”
  • “There’s no such thing as fate.” “There’s no such thing as werewolves.”
  • “I never liked you being retired anyway.” “Whoever said I was retired?”
  • “It’s their symbol. And it means they’re coming.” “Who?” “Alphas.” “More than one?” “A pack of ’em.” “An Alpha Pack.” “And they’re not coming. They’re already here.”
  • “Hey, you know what I just realized? I’m right back where I started.” “What do you mean?” “I mean, no lacrosse. No popularity. No girlfriend. Nothing.” “Dude, you still got me.” “I had you before.” “Yeah and you still got me, okay? So…life fulfilled.”
  • “I said no wolf powers!”

Teen Wolf will be back for season 3 on MTV and it’ll be loaded with 24 episodes.


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