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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from True Blood “Gone, Gone, Gone” 

Photo Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Episode: “Gone, Gone, Gone”
Writer: Alexander Woo

  • “In that case, allow me to say, f–k all of you. You are destroying the world based on a book that is thousands of years old. You call that evolved? That’s the opposite of evolved.”
  • “She developed the perfect staking device.” “Almost. It chafes your nipples.”
  • “Yes. Yes! Oh, my f—ing god, I’ve never actually seen a vampire get staked before. That was awesome.”
  • “Don’t worry about her. We’ll bring her back a doggie bag.”
  • “Had to practically stand over your hospital bed to keep that Cheeto-headed tramp from giving you her blood.”
  • “Thanks for the suggestion but we prefer to do things the old-fashioned way.” “Yeah, you and Blockbuster video.”
  • “On the floor. Not you — the gun, dumbf–k.”
  • “Know what? I’ll pass. Looking kinda stringy.”
  • “Fine, then. I’ll make two. I always wanted kids.”
  • “No. We procreate because we want to. Not because some d–khead dipped in afterbirth told us to.”
  • “He can have the f–king bar. What’s it worth at this point? You and me, we live in the wind. Just like I did with Eric. We don’t need this place. It’s four walls and plaster. That’s all.”
Photo Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO
  • “Well, to hell with it, then. I’ll tell you what I need from you. For my going away present…I want you to glamour me. Make me forget about you.” “Hoyt.” “I want you gone. Out of my head. I wanna lay down, go to sleep, close my eyes and not dream about you ever again.” “Hoyt…just take a deep breath and really consider for a sec what you’re askin’. Is this really what you want?” “I want him gone, too.” “Aw — jeez. Come on, now.” “It’s the last thing I’ll ever ask of you. Please take this hurt away from me so that I can go on havin’ my life. Please. Look at me. God damn it, Jessica, I’m not messin’ around. Now, look at me. Make this go away.” “Hoyt Fortenberry, you are…a good, good man with the biggest heart I’ve ever known. You were my first love. I’ll never forget you. You were Jason’s best friend. He won’t forget you either. We’re gonna miss you so, so much. But you are not going to miss us. You are gonna go to Alaska and…you’re gonna start a brand-new life. You’re going to make a whole lot of new friends. You’ll forget aobut Jason. Forget he ever existed. Do you understand?” “Yeah.” “And you’re gonna make some girl the luckiest, happiest girl in the world. And she…she’s going to be your first love. Not me. I am…fading away…and going…going till I vanish from your mind. When I tell you, I want you to close your eyes and count to ten and when you open them, we’ll be gone. “
  • “Goodbye, Hoyt.”
  • “Ah…who’s the smart one now?
  • “I don’t say this to many men, but I love you.”
  • “Save room for dessert. I ain’t gonna tell y’all what it is but best believe it’s gonna be flamin’.”
  • “Next thing you’ll be saying is that we have a shadow government in an underground complex somewhere.” “You might.” “We do not.”
  • “I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no baby vampires.”
  • “We’re not running. No one f–ks with us in our house.”

Only two more episodes left in season 5. True Blood airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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