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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from True Blood “Somebody That I Used to Know” 

Episode: “Somebody That I Used to Know”
Writer: Mark Hudis

  • “Shut up, butt plug.”
  • “We were in the presence of God.” “We were high as f–king kites.”
  • “Jason! You okay?” “I’m fine. You got me in the head.”
  • “Look, if you were normal, you never woulda met Bill.” “Yeah, big loss there.”
  • “First may I say, god has the most beautiful t–s I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Now, I have never been called devout but watching Lilith shoot out of a blood pool while I suck down a bride to the dulcet strains of “You Light Up My Life.” Well, praise Lilith, praise Jesus, praise Moses’ cock, I am born again!”
  • “For the first time in a decade, I ate a child!”
  • “I need a baby. Lilith wants me to eat a baby.”
  • “You know this doesn’t mean I’m your girlfriend.” “I don’t remember asking. You wanna be my girlfriend?” “Maybe.”
  • “I know you got friends. Dips–ts like you grow in bunches.”
  • “And if I don’t get ’em, my tasers gonna ask your n-ts to the big dance.”
  • “I hate this g–damn town.”
  • “There’s your f–king milkshake.”
  • “Hey, Hoyt? Thank you.” “F–k you, Jess.”
  • “Unless ya’ll are here to tell me that I done won the g–damn lottery, get out my face.”
  • “Hooker, I ain’t in the helping business no more. I’m in the ‘f–k off while I smoke a blunt’ business and business is about to pick way the f–k up.”
  • “He off his meds. Ciao, b–ches.”
  • “Look here. I’m sick and tired of doing this s–t for free. So if you wants my help, you gots to pay for it.”
  • “I’m about to slip my ass in this tub and get high as a motherf–ker. Enjoys your day.”
  • “Sam. Sam?”
  • “Well, there was a human here. And she’s a big one. Lousy diet, a lot of Cheetos. Smoker, too. Menthols.”
  • “This is- this is f–ked. You psychically bonded to a vampire. Why did we even try this?”
  • “I don’t give a twirly f–k about your elders.”
  • “You’re a vampire, that’s crazy. Now you’re a member of two minorities.”
  • “Even back then, she had trouble connecting with folks.” “I connected with your boyfriend well enough to f–k him.”
  • “F–k Godric.”
  • “Thought you were mad.” “You don’t know me that well. My mad face and my happy face are the same.”
  • “You are worthless. Your only purpose is to serve Tara Thornton. You will worship Tara. Everything about her is a revelation. You exist only for Tara’s nourishment. You will consider it a privilege to let your racist peckerwood blood shoot into her gorgeous cocoa mouth. You are an unpaid food whore. A slave. And Tara is your master. Have fun.”
  • “I want your blood.” “Drink it all. It belongs to you.” “F–kin’-A.”
  • “Now go ahead and leave them all alone. Hmm… So say I.”
  • “Terry, baby, you got to kill Patrick. Or either he got to kill you.” “One of us has got to die.”
  • “Have you ever been to Hong Kong?” “Nuh uh. But I loved Kung Pao Chicken.”

True Blood airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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