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Guest Star Goodness: Franklin & Bash “Last Dance” 

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/TNT

Warning: Major Spoilers for “Last Dance”

“Last Dance” was another good episode of TNT’s Franklin & Bash. Former F&B guest star (and Seinfeld superstar) Jason Alexander directed it. Most enjoyable was the Infeld stalking case. First of all, the way it evolved was interesting and, ultimately, a little bit uplifting. Damien teamed up with Carmen and that was a bonus considering we’ve seen Damien team up with just about everybody but Carmen this season. Stop the presses, Hanna finally got a storyline of her own. And it involved some romance with Boris Kodjoe. Thank you, F&B casting department, for that extra dose of eye candy. Hopefully, he’ll be back for more. The main case was beyond odd (a plastinated dead guy?) but the way Peter and Jared had to maneuver things and open people’s minds for the win was a beautiful thing, too. Plus, there were tons of guest stars so let’s get to all that goodness:

Synopsis: Peter and Jared help a widow retain the body of her esteemed late husband from being awkwardly immortalized as a dancer in a human body exhibit. When a stalker begins harassing Stanton Infeld, Karp thinks it may be an old client just released from prison and out for revenge. Hanna runs into an old college friend and sparks an old romance.

Anne Ramsay

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/TNT

F&B Role: Martha, Dr. Henry Strauss’ widow. Martha was trying to prevent her husband’s corpse from being plastinated and posed doing the Bachata dance.
The Actress: She’s best known for playing Helen Hunt’s messed up sister on Mad About You but she’s also had roles on The L Word, Six Feet Under, Dexter, Hawthorne and The Secret Life of the American Teenager where she plays Ricky’s biological mom.

Robert Wuhl

F&B Role: He played the judge in the Stanton stalker case. He doesn’t have a lot of patience for Damien but he’s pretty impressed with Samuel Jeffers, the ex-con turned budding lawyer.
The Actor: For several seasons, the comedian turned actor played a sports agent on the HBO series, Arli$$, a show that also starred Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sandra Oh. Wuhl starred in the mini-series The Last Don as well as its sequel, The Last Don II. And he’s known for his roles on the big screen in movies like Batman and Bull Durham.

Mark Rolston

F&B Role: He was the judge in the Franklin and Bash case.
The Actor: Rolston has guest starred on TV in The Shield, 24, Cold Case and CSI: Miami. He was the very first demon Alastair, hell’s master torturer, on the CW’s Supernatural; and he’s the voice of Andrew Del Rio in the upcoming video game Halo 4 (due out November 6, 2012). And he portrays the captain in the game’s live action trailer, The Commissioning.

Todd Stashwick

F&B Role: Samuel Jeffers, the bank robber that Infeld had defended years ago. He was framed for stalking Infeld once he was released from prison. It ended up being the bank teller he had taken hostage.
The Actor: Stashwick is another Supernatural guest star alum. He was the dracula that dressed Dean in Lederhosen in season 4’s “Monster Movie.” He also played Eli in several episodes of Heroes: was cousin Dale on FX’s The Riches; and he’s guest starred as Ash Murphy on a few episodes of Justified. And he’s co-creator of a web comic called Devil Inside.

Judith Scott

F&B Role: The lawyer who opposed Peter and Jared in the plastinated corpse trials that pitted the widow against a man’s mistress.
The Actress: She played Dr. Jenna Williams, a medical examiner during CSI‘s season 1; was Lt. Esme Pascal during Dexter‘s season 2; and, most notably, she was Captain Roy Montgomery’s wife, Evelyn, on Castle.

Boris Kodjoe

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/TNT

F&B Role: Nolan Tate. He dated Hanna in college and hooked up with her in “Last Dance.” He’s a courtroom sketch artist who turned out to be rich. And hotter than hot.
The Actor: Where to start? Kodjoe was Damon Carter in the Showtime series, Soul Food. And, yes, it was based on the movie. Recently, he played Stephen Bloom in the short-lived J.J. Abrams spy show, Undercovers. On the big screen, he was in Madea’s Family Reunion, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder and Resident Evil: Afterlife. If he’s on TV, I’m probably going to be watching.

Meagen Fay

F&B Role: She turned out to be Infeld’s stalker — the bank teller Samuel Jeffers had taken hostage. She tried to kill two birds with one stone and decided to make life hell for both Jeffers and Infeld.
The Actress: Fay had recurring roles on both The Bernie Mac Show and Malcolm in the Middle. She’s guest-starred on Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, Nip/Tuck and Charmed.

Andrea Gabriel

F&B Role: Dr. Strauss’ mistress. She was his dance teacher who wanted to have his body plastinated.
The Actress: On Lost, she was Nadia, Sayid’s wife before he got stranded on the island. She was killed in a hit-and-run. She has guest starred on JAG, House M.D. and Criminal Minds. She’s in the final Twilight movie and recently snagged herself a role in the final season of the CW’s Gossip Girl.

Franklin & Bash airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TNT.

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