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White Collar Preview: What You Need to Know About “Most Wanted” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Javier Pesquera/USA Network


At the end of the White Collar season 4 premiere, Dobbs helped Collins capture Neal. The action continues in the show’s second episode, “Most Wanted.” Here’s what to expect:

  • Peter comes up with an elaborate plan to try to get Neal back to New York. Will it work?
  • Neal’s awesome at getting out of sticky situations. But this time, there’s a good chance he may not get away. In fact, Collins sees to it.
  • Shallow TV alert: In last week’s episode, there was a stunning shot of Neal putting on the fedora. It was a bit breathtaking, really. Well, it’s Peter’s turn in “Most Wanted.” There’s this scene where he’s undercover and he’s looking mighty hot.
  • There’s also a scene that is very Cocktail-esque. Please see video below.
  • Peter and Mozzie spending some quality time together and it’s awesome.
  • More gorgeous locations.
  • “Most Wanted” sets up something Neal is going to finally tackle.
  • Peter gets some very bad news at the end of the episode.

A new episode of White Collar airs tonight at 9/8c on USA Network.

“Most Wanted” Promo

“Most Wanted” Clip: Mozzie and Peter stakeout Dobbs’ residence

“Most Wanted” Clip: The Peter Hotness/Cocktail Scene

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