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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from True Blood “We’ll Meet Again” 

Episode: “We’ll Meet Again”
Writer: Alexander Woo

  • “As your maker, I command you. Do not try it again ever.”
  • “I coulda sold your peach-pie ass so many times I done lost count…”
  • “Oh, yeah, baby, you survive. You always do. But g-ddamn do you leave a trail of bodies behind. You know what? You the f–king angel of death.”
  • “Well, apart from these, your escape ploy worked brilliantly.”
  • “Just, uh, act normal tomorrow.”
  • “Barely remember what we got all het up over. Let bygones be bygones, bi-girl be bi-girls. Oh, hi.”
  • “Congratulations, you’re a grandfather.”
  • “Well, I can’t ever do it again even if I wanted. Pam went all ‘As your maker, I command you’ on me. Which is a card I’m surprised y’all don’t play more often.”
  • “How many of us have nearly died just to save her sorry ass? Well, I did them all one better.”
  • “She’s always safe. ‘Cause there will always be some fool there to take a bullet for her. Always.”
  • “You’re my maker, Eric. And I would die for you gladly a thousand times before I would ever betray you. You know, I would.”
  • “Just say the words. ‘As your maker, I release you.’ Say it and we’re done. Say it!”
  • “Wake up, sister. It’s just a book. I know the guy who wrote it and he was high the whole time.”
  • “Hey, Sam. Barack and Hillary over there are asking for you.”
  • “So, what do you recommend here?” “Honestly, nothing.”
  • “I have to release you. And it’s not because I don’t trust you or because I don’t care. It’s because you are my only progeny; my one legacy. I need you to live after I’m gone.” “If that is your wish, I understand. I accept. Do it.” “Pamela. I renounce the ties of our blood and my dominion over you as my progeny. As your maker, I release you. You are my child. As I was a child of Godric. You were born into greatness. And you’re a maker now. Our blood will thrive. You understand?”
  • “But this is low-quality s–t. Get the staff to clear it up.”
  • “Sookie and you is different than Sookie and anyone else.”
  • “I think I’ve done well.”
  • “If you’re not into vampires…if they’ve shot half your brain.”
  • “You smell like mint and peaches.” “You smell like Aqua Velva.”
  • “Bar’s open. And, uh, it’s fruity.” “I’m gonna need more than one.”
  • “No vampire of mine sleeps all night. What the hell happened to you? And who’s she?” “Nothing. And Melanie. She’s here because someone needs to feed. Seriously. Three days old and she has an eating disorder. Why me?”
  • “As your maker, I command you. Bite her.”
  • “This is who you are now. The top of the chain. No human can hurt you any longer. They’re yours to savor.”
  • “I think the whole world hates me. But they can just go bite me…those who haven’t already. I killed your ex-girlfriend and you’re still speaking to me.” “I’m mainly here for the drinks.”
  • “Awkward time for a drop-in, Bill.” “Jessica mentioned Sookie had been having a rough go of it.” “Hmm…she seems to be recovering nicely.”
  • “I don’t think she wants anything to do with us again.” “I don’t think we give her the choice.”

True Blood airs Sundays on HBO at 9/8c.

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