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We Need to Know: Is True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse Starting to Grow Up? 

I’m not usually someone who ends up singling out something that has to do with a Jason storyline on True Blood. I like Jason Stackhouse. Yet, I’m never invested in what’s going on with him for some reason or another. However, in the latest episode, “Whatever I am, You Made Me,” I was intrigued with the character. It seemed like there was finally some growth there. Yes, a while ago he got himself a career in law enforcement, which was a big step for him. But, still, the way he’s been sleeping with everything that has a pulse (and doesn’t have a pulse), there had to be a time when he reached an epiphany. That he could strive for something deeper and richer when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex.

It’s interesting that it took a reunion with the teacher he apparently had an affair with when he was still in school. This woman taught him everything he knew. Even though Ms. Steeler confessed that what she did to him back in the day was wrong because he was too young, he didn’t fully get what she was talking about. It didn’t matter. He just wanted to have sex with her. It wasn’t until after their moment things became clear to him. Or should I say confusing to him? In Jason’s world is anything ever that clear?

There was a nice scene with Jessica who dropped by Jason’s place to get it on after she experienced her own weird situation where she encountered this guy whose blood happened to smell oh so sweet. Anyway, she was ready to pounce on her go-to booty call, but Jason couldn’t go through with it. He didn’t want to have meaningless sex. He had these thoughts and feelings to sort out. Jessica offered to stick around as a friend and even though Jason initially balked at this suggestion, she talked him into it.

Here’s my issue. Why is Jason only starting to question his choices now? Last season, Crystal and her fellow female were-panthers forced him to have sex after which he only momentarily let himself feel the effects. Soon after that, he was having sex with Jessica. The aftermath of the awfulness in the barn lasted about two seconds. No growth on Jason’s part. He ended up making another questionable decision when he slept with his best friend’s girl.

As Kara, my fellow TV Goodness colleague pointed out to me, since Jason’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, it takes a little lot longer for him to get with the program. And if he had gone through this crisis last season, we never would have had the Jessica and Jason business that has nicely progressed this season. I’m hoping this friend zone they’ve entered into takes hold and Jason explores what happened in his past. Hopefully, this exploration will result in some major growth for the character in his present, which will allow him to have a better future. And then, finally, I’ll be able to enjoy a Jason storyline for the first time since season 1.

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