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Necessary Roughness Preview: “Slumpbuster” [+ VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Richard Ducree/USA Network

Warning: Spoilers Discussed

So far, season 2 of USA Network’s Necessary Roughness has been strong. The Dr. Dani/Matt love story is adorable, although they’re facing a big time obstacle with the whole “kids” debate. Matt wants them. Dr. Dani has been there done that. Hopefully, things won’t get too painful to watch on that front. The couple is just too cute. Let’s hope a breakup won’t happen anytime soon.

TK’s journey from recovery to finding his way back to the team has made him ultra interesting to watch. But it’s a good thing he finally made the decision to recommit himself to the Hawks. On the football field exhibiting plenty of swagger is where he should be. Marshall Pittman’s presence has thrown things off balance for Nico and the team and that’s a good thing. The drama with Dani’s kids (specifically her son), has probably been the one sore spot for the whole season. There’s been so much time devoted to it. Time that would be better spent on the good doctor’s cases or anything else that’s happening on the show.

Tonight, Necessary Roughness returns with a fresh new episode. One of the things most exciting about “Slumpbuster” — other than a guest star turn from CSI: Miami alum, Adam Rodriguez — is the return of Pittman’s estranged soon to be ex-wife, Gabrielle (played by Liz Vassey). The Pittman’s divorce is expectedly nasty and the future of the Hawks is definitely at stake. Marshall has already made himself General Manager, a move that could negatively impact the team. What’s he trying to accomplish? Plus, the Hawks owner knows about Nico and Gabrielle’s past so her presence could not only help bring some of Marshall’s motives to light but turn up the drama for Nico as well.

TV Goodness recently took part in a press call that featured veteran actor Evan Handler (Marshall Pittman), whose Necessary Roughness run is limited (for now). He talked to the group about the Marshall-Gabrielle-Nico situation:

EVAN HANDLER: Obviously, Marshall and Nico also have their issues to resolve, but I think the most volatile emotional one comes during the divorce proceedings with Gabrielle. And Nico and Marshall part on, I would say, peaceful terms although I don’t think, you know everything is tied up neatly. Marshall goes away. I don’t know if they have any plans to resurrect him at any point, but it’s not like he takes a bullet and is, you know buried or anything like that.

Handler also had great things to say about joining Necessary Roughness:

EVAN HANDLER: Well, you know it’s a gamble whenever you travel someplace to drop into a society that you’re not familiar with. Really, the best thing was that, as on Californication, the actual culture of Necessary Roughness is an incredibly familial and friendly one. You can drop into a TV show and find that everybody is angry at each other and bitter and hates the way that the show is run and doesn’t like the way they’re being treated, and this was the opposite of that. This was a group of very happy people and a group of executive producers and a network that seemed to be taking great care of each other. So, I suppose that sounds all namby-pamby, but it was a great relief to me and it was just a nice four weeks in Atlanta.

Watch Evan Handler as Pittman is pitted against Pittman tonight on Necessary Roughness at 10/9c on USA Network.

A promo for “Slumpbuster”:

A clip featuring Evan Handler:

A clip featuring Adam Rodriguez:

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