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Suits Preview: “The Choice” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/USA Network

Warning: Vague spoilers discussed

It’s official. The second season of USA Network’s Suits is even better than the first. The drama has been upped to an entirely new level and the complexity of the various relationships at Pearson Hardman has intensified thanks to Hardman’s imminent return. This one act has created so much goodness and has resulted in Jessica being even more of a presence (thankfully). It’s also made keeping Mike’s secret that much more important.

In tonight’s episode, “The Choice,” the tension at the law firm is cranked up.

Synopsis: As Hardman (guest star David Costabile) makes it clear he’s back to stay, Jessica tasks Harvey with helping shore up support for her within the firm – but Harvey’s penchant for winning may create more enemies than friends. Mike confronts Rachel with the fact that he heard her message.

Some questions to think about:

  • Can Harvey do what it takes to ensure Jessica stays managing partner?
  • What side will Louis hang his hat on?
  • Now that Mike’s finally received Rachel’s message, what’s he going to do about it?

Things to know about “The Choice”:

  • First, it’s an excellent episode that’s appropriately tension-filled, kind of heartbreaking and features tons of great moments.
  • The writers are quite good at showing the political upheaval that threatens to turn the law firm into a battleground. They’re expertly able to depict the machinations and maneuvering that must exist when an outsider returns and throws everything off balance. People have to choose sides. Will they remain loyal to Jessica? Or will they switch their loyalties to Hardman? Life at the law firm boils down to this. And it often results in some uncomfortably awesome situations as backstabbing, creating alliances and playing the game becomes more integral than ever. It does get a bit Survivor-esque at Pearson Hardman.
  • There are some really fabulous interactions between characters like Louis and Donna; Mike and Rachel; Harvey and Mike; and, especially, Harvey and Jessica. We’re getting to see a real friendship between Donna and Rachel this season, which is great. There’s even a Donna/Mike scene that’s pretty incredible. Sarah Rafferty (Donna) blew us away in that scene.

We recently took part in a press call with Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter, best character name ever) and he told the group why season 2 is not to be missed:

Gabriel Macht: This season, USA has actually encouraged the writing staff to go a little bit more serialized. That we’re going to have storylines that go over you know two, three, four episodes. And so we’re going to find out even more about the characters, whereas the cases each week will directly reflect once again what the main characters are all going through. I think it’s just going to be in just a little bit deeper way.

Suits “The Choice” airs tonight at 10/9c on USA Network.

“The Choice Promo”

“The Choice” Clip featuring Harvey, Donna and Jessica

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