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Moment of Goodness

3 Moments of Goodness from Suits “The Choice” 


Photo Credit: USA Network

Tina told ya’ll it was going to be a doozy, and was it ever. It’s cheating if we just peg every scene as a Moment of Goodness, but here are a few that left us wanting more.

Jessica Breaks Up with Harvey

We know and love Harvey because he gets his way all the time and he gets away with it all the time, usually because Jessica comes around to defend him. When he marches right around her direct orders to back off and disappoint a client for the greater good, she’s almost vibrating with rage and disappointment. She tells him as much–that he’s betrayed her, and that accusation levels him. He finally hears her. And that sends him to Mike to sort of apologize for his directions about Rachel. Then it’s Mike’s turn not to listen. When Harvey extends a peace branch later by returning Jessica’s tea service to her, she’s not angry anymore, but the damage is done.

Donna Tells Mike That She was Once In Love With Harvey (Excepts She Totally Doesn’t and Still Totally Is)

Mike’s torn enough about leading Rachel into a relationship while keeping her in the dark about his secret, and Harvey’s ultimatum doesn’t help him. Donna yanks him into Harvey’s office and tells him to take a look around because Harvey put all of it on the line to save him. When he asks her what to do about Rachel, she tells him with looks and her posture and not so many words to end it before it starts. That it can be done. That you move on and you get over your feelings because they eventually go away. Except everything on her face says that’s bullsh-t but it is what it is in that world and you live with it or you get out. That’s the choice.

Mike and Rachel Make the leap and then Mike Changes His Mind

I was down with all of their scenes together tonight–the smoking hot kiss, the terrible attempts not to flirt, and the aftermath of the date (although we skipped the date itself–the scene in the image above didn’t air–boo!)–until Mike decides to cool things off and Rachel completely misreads him, thinking he thinks she’s not good enough for him.  I wasn’t nuts about these two as a couple last season primarily because he’d just gotten into the relationship with Jenny, who’d just been with his BFF Trevor.

There was a potential pattern here that Mike was smart about everything except his personal life. Was it too much of a leap that he was so hopped up on the idea of Rachel that he was practically pitching her as “the one” to Harvey? Yes, but Mike believed it. And he needed to see it though. So I don’t think ending it before it starts will actually hold. I could totally see Mike resuming things, telling Rachel the truth, and then we hold our breath about whether it bites him. Their first scenes together tonight proves there’s a there there. Let’s see some more if it.

PS — Was the pineapple a wink nod to Psych? I’m going with yes.

–Heather M.

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