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Reality Fix: So You Think You Can Dance “Vegas Callbacks” 

Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX

I don’t know about you but I’m really enjoying this one-night a week business. I think I look forward to the show more. The audition rounds have never been my favorite so I’ve appreciated seeing less of them. I always enjoy Vegas week because I know we’re going to see some amazing dancing. I like seeing the dancers push themselves to do more, to work harder. I don’t really like the breakdowns and I can do without the attitude (from the dancers and sometimes from the judges. Tyce, you know I’m talking to you). Having said that, there were a lot of great moments. I’ll talk about some of them. 

Adam Shankman

I love this man. I like that he gets so caught up in great dancing and that he’s not afraid to show the dancers how much he’s been moved by them. I always love his critiques. He’d better be one of the revolving guest judges during the season because I always want to hear what he thinks.

Hampton “The Exorcist” Williams

He’s a strange, beautiful, moving performer. I teared up again watching him dance and I love that he moved the judges to such emotion. The fact that he can dance like that with no formal training is impressive, but I understand why he left so early during Vegas week.

Janelle Issis

I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated belly-dancing as an art form and I’m ashamed of myself. Janelle makes you realize how much control and skill goes into what she does and also makes you appreciate it’s beauty. And she can dance every other style they throw at her? I want her in the Top 20.

Team Ballroom

I love both Whitney and Lindsay. They’re pretty amazing in their own style and it looks like they’re good in every other style as well. At least one of these ladies needs to be in the Top 20.

Alexa Anderson

I’m glad she took the judges notes and finally showed us some fire during the ballroom round. Yes, she’s pretty and yes, she has great technical ability. But we need to see that fire and personality shine through too and we finally did.


I want him to be better at ballroom, but otherwise I think he’s the type of dancer the judges are always telling us they want to see on the show. He’s got a lot of natural talent – hello, his solos are AMAZING – and he can pick up choreography pretty well. I hope he makes it into the Top 20. I love his spirit and his energy, and I think he’s a great dancer.

The Top 20

I (stupidly) thought the Top 20 would be revealed tonight. Personally I can do without all that pomp and circumstance but I am really excited to see who will make it onto the show this season. I can’t wait for the competition to really begin. I’ve already got some favorite dancers. I hope they make it into the Top 20 and beyond.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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