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HBO Sunday Preview: True Blood “Authority Always Wins” [VIDEO] 

Warning: Spoilers discussed including a big one from the S5 premiere

True Blood is back tonight with the second episode of Season 5. So far, we’re loving the fact it’s Bill and Eric against the world. In “Authority Always Wins,” Christopher Meloni makes his debut on the vampire drama. Seems like the Vampire Authority takes front and center. Wonder if it’s going to be as scary as it sounds?

We’ve got a promo plus a couple clips that feature Bill, Eric and Nora getting locked up. Plus, a sighting of Bon Temps’ newly made vamp, Tara. She’s looking like she’s not all there, which is kind of terrifying. True Blood “Authority Always Wins” airs tonight on HBO at 9/8c.

Promo for “Authority Always Wins”

Clip #1: Getting Locked Up

Clip #2: Lafayette’s Going In

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