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Finale Preview: The Killing [VIDEO] 

Photo credit: Carole Segal/AMC

Note: Spoilers from this season discussed (if you’re marathoning it on DVR today).

It took 26 episodes, and 26 days, but The Killing finally closes the Rosie Larsen case tonight on AMC with the second season finale. This season has been a bit meandering with the investigation paralleling the Richmond campaign and the Larsen family drama, and I’ll admit that my attention was most held by the dynamic between Linden and Holder. They pulled each other out of the fire again and again this season, and that, to me, was the heart of the show.

I wasn’t as invested in whether Richmond survived and thrived in the wake of his shooting or whether Mitch worked out her guilt and grief about Rosie. I was, however, surprised by how much I cared about Stan’s struggle as the father who chose Rosie, loved her, corrected his life’s path because of her, and then lost her. Brent Sexton just nailed the arc.

In the closing moments of last week’s episode, “Donnie or Marie,” all signs point to Jamie as the killer, and that surprised me, too. Frankly, I didn’t think he had it in him. I hadn’t really formed much of an opinion on him as a character other than that he was smarmy. He’d do anything and say anything to defend Richmond to the ground–even kick Gwen to the curb when he was sure she’d betrayed the campaign.

It’s no shocker that he was brokering a deal between the tribe and the developer behind Darren’s back (and the mayor’s). It is a shocker that he chased Rosie through the woods when he realized he’d been made. As Linden said, locking Rosie in the trunk and letting her drown was a passive way to murder someone.That part is Jamie. Now that Richmond seems to know Jamie did something, we’ll get to see Jamie completely unravel. It’s also entirely possible that Jamie could be a big misdirect, and we still don’t know who’s guilty.

We also don’t know yet whether we’re likely to see a third season. I’d guess no because the show’s following is comparatively small, but if that is the case, the two seasons we got were still impeccably acted and written, and I’m grateful we got to spend 26 hours with this cast. I loved having this show to sit down to every Sunday.

Emmy nominations are out next month. I’m assuming (hoping) Mireille Enos is a lock again, particularly for 72 Hours,” the psych eval lockdown episode where Linden came close to confronting her demons but stopped just short as Holder got her out, and we found out her fiance had actually been her therpaist. I’d also love to see Joel Kinnaman and Brent Sexton recognized.

“Donnie or Marie” repeats at 8 pm/7 c tonight and then the finale airs at 9 pm/8 c on AMC. Note for our DISH readers–AMC has moved way down the dial to the 9500s. Check your local listings.

Here’s a sneak peek from the finale.

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