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Suits Giveaway: Win S1 DVD & $200 Gift Card 

Suits returns to USA Network tonight with a whole new season and a whole new set of problems and cases to solve. In celebration of this momentous occasion, we’ve been given the opportunity to take part in a great giveaway. And all you need to tell us is who you think is the most fashionable character on Suits and why.

Here’s what you’ll win:

A Suits and Style Fan Pack [$245 Value]

  • $200 Mr. Porter Gift Card

USA and Mr. Porter are teaming up for a unique collaboration that expertly blends the worlds of television and fashion. Head over to the Mr. Porter website for some interactive fun that highlights the sleek and very fashionable Suits style.

  • Season 1 DVD

From the pilot to the exciting and suspenseful finale, relive the episodes that made season 1 so memorable.

Again, remember to comment below for your chance to win. Just tell us who you think is the most fashionable character on Suits and why. We’ll announce the winner next week. Plus, tune into the season 2 premiere tonight on USA Network at 10/9c.

The contest is only open to U.S. residents.

Edited to add: We have a new winner for our Suits giveaway. Unfortunately, we only have the DVD available. Christi Kassity is going to get the DVD for season 1 of Suits.

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  1. Monique Jackson

    Mike. His style is sharp during the day but sometimes with a boyish flare. Even when he is dressed down it works for him either way.

  2. Jeremy

    Thank you for the chance to win! Although, I think Harvey has the most fashionable attire, I connect more with Mike’s wardrobe as it is most like my own.

  3. Laura D

    I think harvey is the most fashionable, for sure! He always looks like a million dollars in his very well put together ensembles!

  4. bn100

    Harvey’s the most fashionable because he wears the best-looking suits.

  5. Josh

    Mike is the most fashionable. He wears skinny ties, rides a bicycle to work, and does happy dances. That is the epitome of fashionable.

  6. Melissa T

    The ingenious Harvey of course, he’s got an eye for what works, what’s good and does it so well but Jessica is a close second cause i’ve seen her in some seriously hot suits, shoes, coats and bags 😉 rawr.

  7. bill norris

    Mike… he’s got the boyish charm going for him and the little touches to his suits make him my pick. Harvey would be a good choice, but i cant really picture him in anything but a suit. So its gotta be Mike cause i think he pulls off the suits but also stylish things as well.

  8. Tina Charles

    Josh — you are our winner of this Suits giveaway. Please email us @ — and let us know your address. Thanks!

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